Com 100 Short Answer Assignment

Topics: Communication, Individual, Conceptions of self Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Com Lesson 1 short answer assignment
1. What is the difference between your self-concept and self-image? What is the difference between your self-concept and your self-esteem? The difference between an individual's "self-concept" of themselves, versus their "self-image" is on a situational basis. The overall idea and image a person has of his or her self is the "self-concept." The "self-image" of a person varies from situation to situation. However, these individualistic portraits of the self contribute to the overall "self-concept" of a person. An individual may use this description of themselves to assess the value of the self. This is considered to be a person's "self-esteem," or the way in which an individual views their worth. A person's self-worth can fluctuate spontaneously, given the situation and circumstance surrounding the individual 2. Think about experiences you have had with noise or interference in the communication process. Write one example of interference in the context, one example of interference in the sender, one example of interference in the receiver, and one example of interference in the channel. These examples can be from four different real-life communication situations, but they need to be different from the examples in the textbook. Select one of these examples and indicate how you could reduce or eliminate the noise or interference. Example of interference in the context:

Alisha is leaving her doctor's office and runs into her friend, Najat. Having just found out she is pregnant, Alisha gushes her news to Najat, excited about her new baby. However, Najat is a devout Mormon and due to her beliefs, is unable to conjure any emotion except sadness and judgement that the baby would be born out of wedlock.

Example of interference in the sender:
Tanya is having an extremely busy day, trying to juggle her days events, while walking to class. She attempts to multitask and calls her mom to leave her a voicemail, while going over her...
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