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Chapter 2
How do you select a topic?

1. Identify the general purpose of your speech
To inform:
The giving of information is the aim of this general purpose. To describe, explain or demonstrate. To persuade:
When your goal is to reinforce, to change, or to influence the attitudes, values, beliefs, or actions of your audience, you aim to persuade. To accentuate a special occasion:
To entertain, to celebrate, or to commemorate is the aim of a special occasion speech.

Create an idea bank
Idea bank:
is a list of general words and phrases that could be potential speech topics. Brainstorming:
is when you “free associate” or jump from one word or concept to another. Exploring your general purpose
Using another method to make an idea bank, exploring your general purpose, you can create columns for the different types of speeches and topic categories that fit your purpose. Searching for your topics

A third way to create an idea bank is searching, when you simply browse print publications, reference works, Web sites or other media. Select your topic

Narrow your topic by reducing research time, increase your confidence for giving a speech, deliver our speech at a comfortable rate, and keep our audience focused.

How do you create a central idea?
Identify the specific purpose of your speech
Specific Purpose:
A single statement that combines your general purpose, your audience, and your objective. The objective of the specific purpose describes the outcome or behavior you want your audience to experience or adopt. Identify the central idea of the speech

Central idea( Thesis statement, theme, subject sentence)
A concise, single sentence summarizing and/or previewing what you will say in your speech. Evaluate your central idea
To evaluate your central idea for effectiveness, study it from two perspectives. First, check the mechanics; that is, make sure your central idea is written correctly with the proper parts, construction and focus....
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