Cognitive Psychology

Topics: Dyslexia, Memory, Psycholinguistics Pages: 3 (408 words) Published: June 21, 2013
A-C Study Notes

Wk 7:

Heterographs- Dear, deer—spell differently with different meanings but have the same pronounations

Homographs-The Dove dove—spelled the same with different meanings some have same pronouncation and some have different pronoucation.

Research Methods for study of reading: (reaction time)

Lexical decision task—see if group of letters create a word (reaction time)

Naming Task--saying the word out loud (for speed)

Semantic priming effect (Meyer and Schvaneld, 71)—pairing words closely related in meaning like doctor and nurse and words less closely related. Sig. closely related had faster recall.

Dual Route Cascaded Model (COLTHEAT ET AL 2001) computational model-cog. Processes readin words and non words differ—

Dual Route 2—othograph system (visual system: familiar or non familiar string of words)—prthograph input lexicon (has 2 outputs—phonological output (pronounication) and semantic system (meanin)—

its bi-directional which explains semantic priming effect.

evidence for phono and semantic being separate is in pic naming.. tip of the tongue effect in lang. production.

Route 1; grapheme-phonene conversion—

Print-ortho-graphemen-ohoneme rule system, response buffer-speech--unfamiliar words and non words by grouping letters into sounds. direct route from orthographic analysis sytem to grapheme-phoneme rule system.

Clear rules of grapheme (letter) to phoneme (sound) tend to regularize pronunciation.

Evidence of grapheme-phonene—aquired surface dyslexia… semantic route (route 2 )damaged. Can read reg. words, non-words but have problems w/exception or irregular words (which need semantic route). —can’t pronounce homophones (dove, dove) correctly b/c missing activation of semantic

Route 2 lexicon plus semantic system—orthographic system, orthographic input lexicon-semantic system, phonological output lexicon:AND phonological dyslexia have problems ..w/grapheme-phoneme conversion…can read familiar (reg....
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