Coffee growers

Topics: Parenting, C. Wright Mills, Sociological imagination Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: January 13, 2014
Film Questions
1. Coffee growers in poor rural areas are paid very little for their crop. What strategies are proposed in this clip for changing that situation?
The strategies that are proposed in this clip for changing this situation are for coffee growers to adapt to the fair-trade market. Under the fair-trade market coffee growers will have the chance to a decent market price that will help increase their production. 2. Now that you know something about the “sociology of coffee” and globalization, will your own consumption habits change at all? Explain why you would change or not your consumption habits.

I prefer not to drink coffee as a result my consumption will not change. 3. In what ways is the “coffee-go-round” an example of what Mills called “public issues” and “private troubles?”
The public issues are coffee growers in poor rural area are not paid reasonably for their crops. The private troubles are coffee growers are trapped to sell only coca because of the competitive markets and expensive expenses.

1. C. Wright Mills said that the sociological imagination comes from our ability to see the connection between “public issues” and “private troubles.” How does the narrator of this film make such a connection in his life? What are the “public issues” and the “private troubles?” The narrator of this film makes such a connection in his life by connecting his relationship with his brother through his childhood experiences and a tragic accident which created and caused a decision for his brother to go to West Point University and become a Black Hawk pilot for the army that as a result change the narrator’s connection between him and his brother through his childhood. Now having to send American troops to Iraq is a public problem and worrying to have to hear from a love one or relative going to war and not returning back to his family and tragically changing his family’s life is a private trouble.

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