Cmns 130 Notes (Media and Society)

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Chapter 1 – Media and Society
Media in a changing communications universe
The government uses the media to advertise (single largest advertiser) Businesses also use to develop and communicate with customers Also a key agent in globalization
Connected through the Olympics and other sporting events
Informs us of global natural disasters
The changing media is not replacing the old but is incorporating it ITunes replaced Napster
Made doing certain tasks (communicating) much faster and easier Businesses could now make quick business decisions and communicate with other stores that were far away in a matter of minutes rather than weeks or even months Made the world seem smaller (shrank the distance between friends) Took a lot of time for them to become common (same with telephones and radios) Each advance in technology is based on previous technology to continue to shrink space through time and extend in space and enhance the relationships established by the telegraph The internet is making consumer products much easier to acquire (online shopping) The internet has so much information that people can inform themselves about current issues and read about others opinions and spread their opinions as well Internet supposedly offers true democracy

some people think that the new media is actually a negative because it only benefits the investors and owners but not citizens media owners want to attract the largest crowds using the least amount of money and their sole purpose is to raise profits, not provide a service to people privacy on the internet is another reason why people don’t like the new media (e.g., Facebook) ‘traditional’ concepts of mass media such as television, radio and print, or ‘new media’ as characterized by the internet and social media Role of communication media is debated as being between the somewhat utopian view of ‘new media’ as promoters of choice and increased democratic participation and the more critical view of all media as remaining within the market principles that serve owners and investors and undermine citizen participation Communication: Two Models

Communication is the act of making something common between two or more people Mathematical/Transmission Model of Communication (Shannon and Weaver) makes reference to the basic technical characteristics of the process of sending and receiving messages encoder formulates a message and sends it through a channel (email, text) and the decoders receives it and interprets the signal and formulates meaningful content the decoder then can reply and becomes the encoder

any interference in the transmission to is referred to as noise the simplicity of this model is an advantage in that it makes it easy for engineers and technicians, researchers, and social scientists provides no consideration of the larger social context of communication except in terms of noise this model’s simplicity is also a negative because it fails to include the larger social experience which we use to construct our messages language, culture, media forms all work to frame and determine the kind of messages we create these differences can influence the way communication takes place and even if it takes place at all Social Model of Communication

Emphasizes social and media-related variables that inform the process of communication “encoding context” is the larger social environment or setting within which message formulation takes place “decoding context” represents the ideas and understanding that the decoder brings to deciphering the encoded message Successful communication is contingent on the sender and receiver having some sort of common idea or notion of the subject of communication Sharing a common language is important for effective communication The medium of communication is also very important because writing something out and painting something can have two different effects Television emphasizes the visual image

Writing emphasizes linearity and logic
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