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The Christian Story • God constantly communicated himself and his plan of loving goodness to us o In creation o Throughout Israel’s history o Most perfectly and fully in Jesus Christ o Through the Holy Spirit o Through the Church • Revelation of God is God’s manifestation of Himself to humankind in such a way that men and women can know and fellowship with Him Understanding the Sources of Christian Morality • The Sources of Christian Morality o Human experience o Scripture o Church teachings • Sacred Scriptures o Revealed to mankind through divine inspiration o Inspired record of the people’s encounter and relationship w/ God o How God revealed himself and related to them o How they responded to God, and how they remembered and interpreted their experiences o “The Book of the People of God” or the Book of the Church o QahalàChurch->assemblyàGod • Analogy in Interpreting the Scriptures o Intention of the author o Literary form and style o Its readers o Overall perspective of life and living • Church Tradition/Teachings o The teachings of the Church Fathers, the life and teachings of the Christian community and the example of saints o “The wisdom of the Christian community” o The faithful interpreter of the Sacred Scripture • Human Experience

o Refers to the wisdom of our experiences as a community or the fruit of careful reflection about the common good. Christian Morality Christian morality asks, “What should I do?” • Indication of hunger to be truly free and truly happy • Deep yearning for something more than ordinary success • There must be more to life than our accomplishments, possessions or reputation • Like that rich young man, we have a yearning to of what is good and to be genuinely happy. Christian morality entails being true to our relationship with God • Jesus is the SOURCE, GROUND, and the ULTIMATE REFERENCE for our understanding of “goodness” • The key aspect of lived morality is not just “doing” the right things and avoiding the wrong things, but move fundamentally living in the right relationship Christian morality entails keeping the commandments • Ten Commandments is a gift from God to God’s chosen people • Are the Ten Commandments for God’s own people? Christian morality is following Christ. • The Christian moral life should be understood in the sense of being on a God-given mission • Christian love always entails a “dying” to oneself in order to be there for others • Following Christ entails following the Paschal pattern of Christ’s love to die to our self-centeredness, inordinate attachments and sin • “True love is shown more in deeds than words.” • Preferential option for the poor • The one who “has” shares w/ those who have not 5 Fundamental Truths • WE ARE HISTORICAL BEINGS o Human Reason § We are “a work in progress” o Illumination by Faith § We are on a PILGRIMAGE (1 Cor 13 : 11) o Consequence of Moral Living § We value the process of “growing up”

§ We also realize we have the responsibility to mature in our use of our capacity to freely choose to be of loving service to others • WE ARE EMBODIED SPIRITS o Human Reason § “We are our bodies but we are not only our bodies.”Gabriel Marcel § Our bodies and spiritual gifts of intellect and will are inextricably linked and integral to our being human o Illuminated by Faith § In Christ, the “Word-made-flesh”, we become “a new creation” § We are transformed through His perfect example and embodies spirit o Consequence to Moral Living § We realize the value of developing our physical abilities and skills § We also realize we have the responsibility to purify our attitudes that tend to look down on the body and make it the source of evil • WE ARE OPEN AND RELATIONAL BEINGS o Human Reason § We are beings by, with and for others § I and Thou relationship § In a very real way, persons who grow up alone or without significant relationships cannot be fully known o Illuminated by Faith § God, who is the loving communion of...
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