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Topics: Risk, Hazard, Swimming pool Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Differentiate between hazard and a risk.
Hazard- makes us sick and makes our life expectancy shorter. -Is something that can cause you to become injured or get a disease and could eventually kill you. (Ex: people working with asbestos for a certain amount of time can develop cancer) -Anything that can cause damage to your personal property or public property (ex a flood damaging your home) -Things that would cause the environment to become polluted, anything that would be mistreatment to our environment (gas from vehicles pollute our air, or littering) Risk

-Chances of the hazards actually happening, depending on how vulnerable you are to these things for example a person who lives in a poor housing conditions can end up catching a disease from drinking dirty water and can eventually die, someone who walks into a building that hasn’t been fully built yet without a hard hat and something falls on them and they end up with a severe head injury. These are chances that we take when we are exposed to a specific hazard. Sometimes its not by chance but by misfortune.

What risks from Figure 17-16 and Table 17-3 surprise you and why do they surprise you? From Figure 17-16 I find it crazy that you lose more life expectancy from Poor social connections than a motor vehicle accident. It just shows us that even though we take that risk and drive every day to work having strong family ties and connections with friends helps us cope with stressful times and if we didn’t have anyone there for us stress can cause many problems whether it has to do with a mental illness or physical illness such as a heart attack. You have less of a life expectancy if you drop out of school than being orphaned as a child. That one got me too because you would think that being left with no parents would make it hard for you to cope and stay out of trouble but then again if you have good parents and they teach you right from wrong and you decide to drop out of school that makes you...
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