Clarke Case Study

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Going Green
The company Clarke is a family company that has grown, since 1946, and is now the largest Mosquito Abatement firm out of all the districts in the US. They have been involved in the industry since 1927 when John Clark Sr. wrote the legislation that established the Mosquito Abatement District in the state of Illinois. The main goal was to produce a full, high-quality selection of products for the Mosquito Abatement Districts, taxpayer-funded municipal regions; individual administered, and state government entities. Starting out with their mission to provide pesticide applications, they have grown to turnkey mosquito management systems, which include necessary personnel, chemical, and public education equipment. This case involves the company Clarke and their efforts to go green, and focus on environmental CSR, which seems to be what most companies are trying to do now-a-days. Consumers see going green as a company who is producing goods that are not harmful to the environment. It projects an overall better image for the company, which in return pleases environmentalists and helps to generate a better customer database a larger profit. It also gives companies a way to be innovative with their products and differentiate themselves from all of their competitors in the market, and promotes a global initiative to provide a better overall living environment for the consumers.

Their overall goal was to be able to shift their industry and bring in a new business model that would be able to change the industry in a positive way and give them an upper hand on their competition. They followed four core values, which are: 1. Extend the Reach: Responding to the growing interest in environmentalism. 2. Innovate: Helping their company grow with new products. 3. Sustainability

4. One Clark: Creating a culture of shared aspirations.
Over the course of time, Clarke’s new developed product called “Natular”, was redeveloped and made...
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