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Topics: Town, Suburb, City Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: March 30, 2014
Name: Rafiullah E-type: Compare- contrast Draft: 2nd Date: 14/03/2014 CITIES VS TOWNS

The selection of cities and towns for residency is the issue which has attracted the attention of people for a long time. More people argued this issue from different aspects. Some people think that cities are the key element for a modern and sophisticated life; while, others’ vision is different from them and believe that towns are places for a peaceful, simple and relaxed life. There are many differences between the facilities of towns and cities.

Firstly, towns are the places which facilitate a peaceful and traditional social life. The lower population of towns brought closure, sympathy and unity among the suburbs. In towns, nearly all citizens know each other and have social relations, so the towns are very lovely and friendly places to live. Mostly, all people in a town have one culture and traditions, so it helps one to know about their own cultures and traditions. Furthermore; plenteous water sources, wide lands, and green farms and gardens contribute to rich agricultural and animal products; therefore, one can get fresh and cheap animal and agricultural products easily. In addition to growing and reaping different kinds of vegetables and fruits, having domestic animals is one of the countable benefits of towns. The most important thing is that towns are very quiet and peaceful. There is not as much crowd as in cities and the crime rate in towns is lower than the cities.

Secondly, cities facilitate a modern and sophisticated life, although some people complain about problems, too. The great population of cities is always assumed as a great problem for cities. The numerous dwellers always result in crowd, and the transportation which is used by them...
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