City and Guilds 2330 Level 2.01 Question Paper and Answers

Topics: Electricity, Electric current, Electric charge Pages: 7 (1234 words) Published: March 5, 2013

The relationship between the mass of a body (m), the applied force to the body (F) and the acceleration of the body a. is given by the formula: a.Force = mass x acceleration, F = m x a
b.mass = Force x acceleration, m = F x a
c.acceleration = mass x Force, a = m x F
d.acceleration = mass / Force, a = m / F
answer: a

The SI unit of time is the second. Express 0.00001 seconds in a suitable sub multiple: a.10 milliseconds, 10 ms
b.100 milliseconds, 100 ms
c.100 microseconds, 100 us
d.10 microseconds, 10 us
answer: d

In a magnetic circuit the magnetic field strength H is expressed in ampere turns/metre. H is calculated using the formula: a.H = I/nl
b.H = nI/l
c.H = Il/n
d.H = nl/I
answer: b

The formula used to calculate the resistance (R) of a conductor, given its length (l), cross sectional area a. and the constant of resistivity (p) a.R = pl/a
b.R = a/pl
c.R = pa/l
d.R = al/p
answer: b

A simple alternator consists of a coil which is rotated in a permanent magnetic field. The emf generated I the rotating coil is connected to a load via: a.commutator and brushes
b.slip rings and brushes
c.flexible cables
d.slide rails and contacts
answer: a

If the input energy and output energy of a machine are known, the percentage efficiency of the machine is calculated using the formula: a.Efficiency = output energy / input energy x 100/1
b.Efficiency = input energy / output energy x 100/1
c.Efficiency = output energy / input energy x 1/100
d.Efficiency = input energy / output energy x 1/100

The most common material used to manufacture brushes used in a.c. and d.c. rotating machines is a.copper
answer: d

The material used as an insulator on which overhead lines are suspended from pylons is:
answer: a

Electric current is the flow of negatively charged particles called: a.protons
answer: b

In a storage battery the emf is produced by the
a.heating effect
b.magnetic effect
c.chemical effect
d.movement effect
answer: c

Insulating materials are materials which have atomic structures with: a.few free electrons
b.many free electrons
c.many free protons
d.few free protons
answer: a

The meters M1 and M2 connected in the circuit shown in fig. X, will measure: a.M1 = voltage M2 = current
b.M1 = current M2 = current
c.M1 = voltage M2 = voltage
d.M1 = current M2 = voltage
answer: b

It is beneficial to use transformers to produce high voltages for energy transmission in order to: a.increase the speed of energy transmission
b.reduce the size of transmission line conductors
c.allow the use of less expensive insulating materials
d.increase the power generated
answer: b

Given the formula
Force (newtons) = Mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s2)
a body is accelerated at 2 m/s2 when a force of 10 newtons is applied to is, the mass of the body will be: a.2 kg
b.5 kg
c.10 kg
d.20 kg
answer: b

The power (P) in an electrical circuit is given by the formula P = V²/R The re-arranged formula to calculate V is: a.V = P x R
b.V = P x ~R
c.V = SIP /R
d.V = V(PR)
answer: d

A d.c. machine has a power output of 1200 watts. The input current is 4A and the applied voltage is 375V. The efficiency of the machine will be a.50%
answer: b

Two resistors of 20 ohms and 40 ohms are connected in series across a 120v d.c. supply, the current flowing in the circuit will be: a.0.5 A
b.2 A
c.5 A
d.20 A
answer: b

The following are all parts of an electrical circuit:
a.circuit breaker, load, switch
b.conduit, cable, cable clip
c.fuse, motor casing, cable insulation
d.trunking, switch, switch box
answer: a

The most suitable type of wiring system for the distribution of three phase electrical energy underground between buildings will be: a.P.V.C...
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