Topics: Mixture, Pigment, Chemical substance Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Title:The Chromatography Process of Expo Markers

Abstract:This experiment is to uncover whether or not the Expo Markers are homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures. The experiment will conduct filter paper being slightly submerged in a container of water and inspected for pigmentation changes. In the experiment the pigments will rise up the filter paper once exposed to the water (solvent). After the experiment, it concludes that the mixture is a homogeneous mixture due to the chemical values equaling out with one another.

Date:Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Purpose:The purpose of this experiment is to discover the various pigments isolated in the Expo Markers and to determine if they are homogenous or heterogenous mixtures.



Marker Color # of pigments observed after separation Each pigment color found after separation Most Soluble pigment in mixture Least soluble pigment in mixture BROWN 4 RED, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN BLUE RED

Calculations:Not Applicable

Questions:On the filter paper, the pigments traveled upward away from the stationary point once submerged in water, a solvent. The most soluble color was located at the peak (top) of the water on the filter strip.

The properties of the ink are much more soluble when only half of the filter paper is used versus the whole length.

If the chromatogram was to be left in the submerged water overnight, undisturbed, the solvent would eventually return to its original position (in the container) bringing the pigments with it. The most likely outcome the following day would be that the water would have absorbed the pigments and dyes, and the filter paper would be blank with the exception of the stationary line created by the pencil.

An investigator of a crime scene suggest that a ransom note may have been altered and they need to perform the Chromatography Process on the note. In order to gain accurate results the investigators should: take the note and slightly...
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