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* The sources of Knowledge of Jesus Christ-
* Historical sources:
* written by non-Christians
* Tacitus
* Pliny the younger
* Josephus
* Not interested in spreading the faith
* Objective recorders of facts
* Mary Notes:
* Mary, the Mother of God:
* Theotokos- God bearer
* Ecumenical council of Ephesus
* Declared Mary the Mother of God
* Greek word
* “God-bearer”
* often translated as “Mother of God”
* Unique role she played in our salvation
* Brought the presence of God into the world in a way no one else could * Because she is the mother of Jesus she is also the Mother of God *
* Mary’s Role in the Incarnation:
* Eternal word of God
* Needed human mother
- Mary of Nazareth
Prepared from all eternity for this role
- Her willingness to say yes
Made salvation possible
“Let it be done to me according to your word”
- By the action of the Holy Spirit Father gives world gift
Emmanuel, “God is with us”
* Mary’s Immaculate Conception
* Solemnity of immaculate conception
* December 8
* Holy day of obligation
* Catholics obliged to participate in the Eucharist
* Mary was conceived without original sin
* Redeemed from first moment of her life
* Remained free from all personal sin throughout her life *
* Mary’s Perpetual Virginity
* Jesus conceived in Mary’s womb
* Power of the Holy Spirit Luke 1:35
* Mary was a virgin
* Remain a virgin throughout her life
* A sign of her total dedication to serving God as “The handmaid of the Lord” Luke 1:38 *
* Mary’s Assumption
* After her death, God did not allow her body to decay
* May carried the physical presence of her Son into the world in her body. * Her whole being, body and soul went into Heaven.
* We celebrate with the solemnity of Assumption
* Holy Day of Obligation
* August 15th
* We celebrate the special end to Mary’s earthly life
* Virgin Mary’s Obedience of Faith
* “The virgin Mary most perfectly embodies the obedience of faith” (ccc 148) * Freely offered “yes” to her role in God’s plan of salvation * Mother of Jesus
* Willingness to watch her son suffer and die Her presence among other disciples after Jesus’ Resurrection * “Purest realization of faith” (ccc 149)
* Mary the first Disciple
* First to believe in Jesus
* First to follow Jesus as a disciple
* Wedding at Cana
* “Do whatever he tells you”
* ^ Last words of Mary recorded in the Gospels
* Believes in Jesus can and will reveal his glory through miracle of changing water into wine * After Jesus’ death, Resurrection and Ascension
* Before Pentecost, Mary gathers with community of believers in Jerusalem * All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer. * Mary imploring the gift of the Spirit
* Mary aided in the beginning of the church by her prayers * First disciple, Mother of all disciples
* Mary is the Model of Faith
* By her complete adherence to her fathers will, the Son’s redemptive work, every prompting of Holy Spirit. * Mary’s Faith led her to the free choice to cooperate with God’s plan for our salvation * Her fiat- even though she doesn’t fully understand

* Watches Jesus grow up and fulfill his mission of salvation * Stands by his side as he suffers and dies
* Her trust in God’s goodness and surrender to his will * Model of faith for us
* Mary, Our intercessor
* Prayer directed to Mary
* Ask for Mary’s Intercessory help
* That she will offer same prayer to God on our behalf
* Our prayers to Mary acknowledge that in her heavenly life she can continue to do good with us and for us *
* Honoring Mary
* Catholics worship God alone
* Catholics venerate Mary and the saint- show...
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