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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best
completes the statement or answers the question.
1) In water, a substance that ionizes completely in
solution is called a ________.
A) weak electrolyte
B) semiconductor
C) strong electrolyte
D) nonelectrolyte
E) nonconductor
2) A solution with the same osmotic pressure as
the blood is ________.
A) isotonic to the blood
B) molar to the blood
C) hypotonic to the blood
D) nontonic to the blood
E) hypertonic to the blood
3) Water is a polar solvent and hexane (C6H14) is
a nonpolar solvent. Which of the following
correctly describes the solubility of the solute
in the given solvent?
A) CaCl2, soluble in hexane
B) octane, soluble in water
C) CCl4, soluble in water
D) mineral oil, soluble in water
E) NaHCO3, soluble in water
4) What is the concentration, mass/volume
percent (m/v), of a solution prepared from 46 g
NaCl and 2.5 L of water?
A) 0.050% (m/v)
B) 5.0% (m/v)
C) 1.8% (m/v)
D) 0.020% (m/v)
E) 20.% (m/v)
5) Which of the following molecules can form
hydrogen bonds?
A) CH4
B) NH3
C) BH3
E) NaH
6) The O-H bond in water is polar because
A) it is an ionic bond
B) hydrogen is much more electronegative
than oxygen
C) oxygen occupies more space than
D) oxygen is much more electronegative
than hydrogen
E) it is a hydrogen bond
7) In a solution, the solvent ________.
A) is a liquid.
B) is the substance present in the smallest
C) is never a solid.
D) can be a liquid or gas.
E) can be a solid, liquid, or gas.
8) What is the concentration, in mass percent
(m/m), of a solution prepared from 40.0 g NaCl
and 160.0 g of water?
A) 33.3% (m/m)
B) 20.0% (m/m)
C) 0.250% (m/m)
D) 40.0% (m/m)
E) 3.00% (m/m)
9) What is the new mass/volume percent (m/v) of
a KOH solution that is prepared by diluting
320 mL of a 6.0% (m/v) KOH solution to 960
A) 6.0% (m/v)
B) 1.0% (m/v)
C) 18% (m/v)
D) 2.0% (m/v)
E) 12% (m/v)
10) The solubility of KI is 50 g in 100 g of H2O at
20 °C. If 110 grams of KI are added to 200
grams of H2O, ________.
A) all of the KI will dissolve
B) the solution will be unsaturated
C) a saturated solution will form
D) the solution will freeze
E) the solution will start boiling
11) The compound KOH is ________.
A) insoluble, because KOH is insoluble
B) insoluble, because all compounds
containing OH- are in soluble
C) soluble, because all compounds
containing K+ are soluble
D) insoluble, because all compounds
containing K+ are insoluble
E) soluble, because all compounds
containing OH- are soluble
12) What is the molarity of a solution which
contains 58.5 g of sodium chloride dissolved in
0.600 L of solution?
A) 0.500 M
B) 4.00 M
C) 1.50 M
D) 1.67 M
E) 1.00 M
13) What volume of a 2.50 M KCl solution is
required to prepare 500. mL of a 0.100 M KCl
A) 0.0400 mL
B) 1.00 × 104 mL
C) 20.0 mL
D) 2.00 mL
E) 5.00 × 102 mL
14) What volume of 2.5% (m/v) KOH can be
prepared from 135 mL of a 5.0% (m/v) KOH
A) 63 mL
B) 125 mL
C) 0.10 mL
D) 270 mL
E) 0.0040 mL
15) What mass of KCl is in 325 mL of 0.23 M KCl?
A) 18 g
B) 84 g
C) 5.6 g
D) 1.1.g
E) 0.84 g
For the following question(s), consider a 4% starch solution and a 10% starch solution separated by a semipermeable membrane.
16) Which of the following also occurs in this
A) Water flows equally in both directions.
B) There is a net flow of water from the 10%
starch solution into the 4% starch
C) Starch moves out of the 10% starch
solution into the 4% starch solution.
D) There is a net flow of water from the 4%
starch solution into the 10% starch
E) Water does not cross the membrane at
17) A homogeneous mixture that does not settle
out upon standing is ________.
A) hydrated
B) a colloid
C) a suspension
D) solid
E) an element
18) In the process known as osmosis, ________
moves through a...
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