Chosing My Major

Topics: Materials science, Engineering, Nanomaterials Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Each individual will choose university and major to pursue his dream. The choice of major is one of the key to get the dream job, but sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the dream job, the place you are studying will give an number of opportunities, knowledge and skills that useful in the future. The major that interests me is materials engineering. It is because materials engineering is a major field that applies fundamental knowledge of the structure and properties of material that will be developt to be new materials that can be used in everyday life or for the most advanced technologies.this interdisciplinary inverstigates the relationship between the structure of materials at atomic or molecular scales and their macroscopic properties. The information from materials engineering is applied in chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering. Materials engineering is important for failure analysis. Some examples that was made by materials engineer are light alloys for transport applications, foodstuff packaging, functional electronic components and the more exotic ones such as titanium and advanced ceramic used in space exploration, artificial kidney, body implants, superconductor and engineered structural composites. Materials engineering is developing and improving the characteristics of those materials, understanding the behavior of those materials, and also improving the properties, strengths, toughness, hardness, optical, corrosion resistance etc. By knowing the structure of the material materials engineering can invent and create new materials and products, and making existing materials and product stronger, safer, and have longer life. Materials engineering supports the dreams I want to achieve in the future and I believe this interdiciplines is the most suitable sphere for me because my dreams is to make or found new materials that will be very useful in the future, I also want to develop the super conductor material so it can be...
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