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Topics: China, Chinese language, Chinese poetry Pages: 3 (1676 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Chinese poetry From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia HYPERLINK http// Quatrain on Heavenly Mountain by HYPERLINK http// o Emperor Gaozong of Song China Emperor Gaozong Chinese poetryis HYPERLINK http// o Poetry poetrywritten, spoken, or chanted in the HYPERLINK http// o Chinese language Chinese language. The various versions Chinese include HYPERLINK http// o Classical Chinese Classical Chinese, HYPERLINK http// o Standard Chinese Standard Chinese, HYPERLINK http// o Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese, HYPERLINK http// o Yue Chinese Yue Chinese, and other historical and vernacular types. In other words,Chinese poetryrefers to HYPERLINK http// o Poetry poetrywritten or spoken in the Chinese language. The various versions of Chinese poetry, as known historically and to the general knowledge of the modern world, include two primary types, HYPERLINK http// o Classical Chinese poetry Classical Chinese poetryand HYPERLINK http// o Modern Chinese poetry Modern Chinese poetry. Poetry has consistently been held in extremely high regard, in HYPERLINK http// o China China, often incorporating wonderfully expressive folk influences filtered through the minds of Chinese literati. In Chinese culture, poetry has provided a format and a forum for both public and private expressions of deep emotion, offering a rare vantage point for an audience of peers, readers, and scholars insight into the inner life of Chinese writers across more than two millennia. The essential contrasts between the path taken by the Western world...
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