China One Child Policy

Topics: Population density, Demography, One-child policy Pages: 3 (476 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Geography Department
2013 -2014
Year 9
Student Task Sheet: Mid-Topic - Population
Over the past few weeks, you have been studying population density, population distribution and some ways we can control population. A very famous example of controlling a country’s population is ‘The One Child Policy’ that was enforced in China. You already know lots about this idea, the benefits, disadvantages, reasons for enforcing the policy etc. because we have already studied it in class. Your task is to produce a newspaper article on ‘The One Child Policy’. The headline is ‘World Affairs’ and the sub-heading is ‘China’s One Child Policy’. You will have 2 ½ lessons to complete this task. It will be assessed and for those who are aiming to achieve top marks (Level 7a) are looking to write in detail, accurate information, extra research done in own time, personal opinions on the policy to conclude which is backed up with evidence and overall a well-structured, interesting, grammatically correct newspaper article. In other words for a level 7a your work has to be pretty much perfect!

Content & Structure:
If you’re struggling on what to write and how to structure it, below are some suggested questions that should help you with what to write and in what order: 1) Introduction – Give some brief historical background. Geographical knowledge - Where is China? Why is its population so big (philosophy). Why did/when did China introduce the one child policy? 2) What are the benefits of the policy?

3) What are the disadvantages of the policy?
4) How did China make people follow the policy? (Incentives/Disincentives) 5) Conclusion – Effects of the policy…has it made a difference? & your Opinion – Was the policy a good thing?


½ lesson – Draft; plan out your work – think about layout, key ideas, concepts, self/peer assess. 1 lesson – You will start writing your newspaper article. You should get halfway. 2 lessons – Final lesson – finish your newspaper...
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