Topics: Trade, International trade, Globalization Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The company of my choice is Xian Electric Engineering Co. (“Xian Electric” for short). Xian Electric Group manufactures high and ultra-high voltage transmission and distribution equipment. They also contract large-scale “turn-key” projects, along with providing professional international trading services. They currently have sales agencies and trading companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Egypt. They were established in July of 1959. They started on the basis on 5 projects. Xian Electric was also started by two men as Megadent was. Jake Wang, one of the two men to start Megadent, had a background of international trade and operations. Xian Electric Group offers international trading services so both Megadent and Xian Electric offers two similar types of services. Xian Electric group owns over 40 wholly owned enterprises, which include 10 large or medium key production enterprises and 3 research institutions.

Martin Jacques goes into great detail of how rapidly China is growing. He makes projections that by 2050, China’s economy will be twice that of the United States’. HE explains how China is shaped by its civilization. Jacques also explains how “the hand of China” is why China stands out. He went into detail about China’s cultural identity. I learned from this video that China is very diverse. Xian Electric Engineering Co. will continue to grow in this rapid growing economy according to Jacques. What mainly attracted Xian Electric Group to me were their international trading services. I am currently a finance major but I would like to do international trade. I think there is a lot of potential money that could be gained in the international markets. This is especially true in China if Jacques projections prove to be correct.
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