Children's Literature Midterm

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Childhood Lit
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1. Myths are traditional literature that answer questions about natural phenomena as acts of deities 2. The STW (see, think, wonder) strategy helps children develop visual literacy 3. Which subcategory of fairy tales most frequently uses animals as characters? Trickster tales 4. Which category of traditional literature is also considered poetry? Ballads 5. Which book was the FIRST significant fantasy novel ever published? Black Beauty 6. Tall tales originated in the U.S.

7. Type IV animal fantasy (told though animals’ viewpoint) will always have: real world setting 8. The Caldecott medal is awarded annually to: illustrator///United States 9. Which story is a classic example of an enchanted journey fantasy book? Alice’s adventures in wonderland 10. A story setting includes both where and when the story takes place 11. Who of the following authors/illustrators is noted for publishing popular concept books for very young children? Sandra Boynton 12. Traditional literature is most similar to modern fantasy 13. Legends are the only category of traditional literature that combines history and myth 14. Literature circles are most appropriate for small groups of children 15. According to Rosenblatt’s Transactional Reader Response theory, which stance should readers use to read nonfiction, when information/facts need to be retained after the reading? Efferent stance 16. Knowledge of cultural literacy as it pertains to understanding figures of speech, can be enhanced by reading traditional literature 17. Who of the following is noted for publishing a lengthy series of melodramatic fantasy books? Lemony Snicket 18. Charlotte’s Web is a best-selling science fiction book American animal fantasy novel 19. The first entertaining novel written for children, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, was written by Lewis Carroll 20. Stereotyped characters are MOST likely to be found in traditional literature 21. A cumulative tale uses repetitions...
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