Child Psychology

Topics: Developmental psychology, Reinforcement, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development Pages: 18 (11459 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Educational psychology can in part be understood through its relationship with other disciplines. It is informed primarily by psychology, we will be converse about some famous personalities who had contribute to education Sigmund Freud

“Thinking is an experimental dealing with small quantities of energy, just as a general moves miniature figures over a map before setting his troops in action”. Sigmund Freud’s name is on the top of the list when it comes to mentioning the great psychologists of all time. His theory of psychoanalysis has given a new dimension to the field of psychology. It has influenced the mind of many in the past and is adopted by the psychologists today. His work describes that mental illnesses are not always a result of psychological issues. He further stated that cultural dissimilarities have a great impact on people and their behavior in general. His great contributions could be seen in areas like human development, personality, abnormal psychology, mind and dreams and clinical psychology. Freud's theories were enormously influential, but subject to considerable criticism both now and during his own life. However, his ideas have become interwoven into the fabric of our culture, with terms such as "Freudian slip," "repression" and "denial" appearing regularly in everyday language. The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The Id, Ego, and Superego
Life and Death Instincts
What Is a Freudian slip? etc.,
Regardless of the perception of Sigmund Freud’s theories, there is no question that he had an enormous impact on the field of psychology. His work supported the belief that not all mental illnesses have physiological causes and he also offered evidence that cultural differences have an impact on psychology and behavior. His work and writings contributed to our understanding of personality, clinical psychology, human development and abnormal. His ideas had such a strong impact on psychology that an entire school of thought emerged from his work. While it was eventually replaced by the rise of behaviorism, psychoanalysis had a lasting impact on both psychology and psychotherapy. The Interpretation of Dreams stands as a unique and classic work in the history of psychology. No matter what you may think of Sigmund Freud’s psychological theories, the cultural impact and historical importance of this book are without question. For those interested in dream research, this book serves as an excellent introduction to many of his major ideas. Freud was an incredibly prolific writer, publishing more than 320 different books, articles, and essays. Out of this impressive body of work, Freud described The Interpretation of Dreams as his personal favorite as well has his most significant contribution to the understanding of human thought. "contain the most valuable of all the discoveries it has been my good fortune to make. Insight such as this falls to one's lot but once in a lifetime," he explained.  With so many competing forces, it is easy to see how conflict might arise between the id, ego and superego. Freud used the term ego strength to refer to the ego's ability to function despite these dueling forces. A person with good ego strength is able to effectively manage these pressures, while those with too much or too little ego strength can become too unyielding or too disrupting. According to Freud, the key to a healthy personality is a balance between the id, the ego, and the superego was influence the childhood education on present situation. B.F. Skinner

"The consequences of behavior determine the probability that the behavior will occur again" An amazing addition was made to the field of psychology by B.F Skinner who introduced the theories of reinforcement and operant conditioning that are being applied by psychologist of present times. His theories focused on rewards and punishments that are part of everyone’s life. The scope and particulars of Skinner’s creative ideas are numerous and scattered throughout...
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