Child and Young Person’s Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Puberty Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Child and Young Person’s Development – Task 1

Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: 1. Physical development
2. Communication and intellectual development
3. Social, emotional and behavioural development

* Birth - 4 months: Gains about 1 oz. per day after initial weight loss in first week. At birth children have reflexes such as sucking, hands fisted, grasping, random movement etc. Around 1 month old they should be able to lift their head a bit and have some vocalising/gurgling. Soon after that they will start to become alert to the people surrounding them, then at about 3 months they might begin to try and roll over, chuckle, whine, smile and vocalise more. * Between 4 - 6 months: Gains 5-6 oz. per week. They should start to try pulling themselves to sit upright and eventually able to do so without support, able to take some weight on their legs, grasping their toys, laugh and smile, begin to turn towards the voices they can hear and initiates speech sounds. * Between 7 months - 11 months: Gains 2-3 oz. per week. They should try pulling themselves up to stand and gradually get better until no further support is needed, start to say dada or mama and shout/scream for attention. Learn to drink from a cup, know 2-3 more words other than mama or dada. * Between 1-5 years: Births weight triples. They will learn to scribble, know a few more words and maybe try to sing, begin to walk backwards and have better cup control (spilling less juice). Try to build things and start to use a spoon to eat. Vocabulary increases, starts to learn names of objects and colours. Begins to put on and remove own clothing, pulls adults hand to show them something. Able to walk up stairs, throw and kick balls, follow directions and help in small ways. Can ride tricycles, better building skills and can wash and dry own hands. Gains muscle control for toilet training, doesn’t like to share...
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