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According to Carroll et al. (2008), it is shown that 87% young men and nearly 31% of young women in US reported using online pornography. This shows that how widely online pornography is being practised. Throughout the years, online pornography has become easily accessible. Due to this, it seems that teens viewing pornography is a normal behaviour. In addition, given that teens are undergoing a developmental stage where hormone levels are rapidly changing and curiosity about sex are increasing, gathering information about sex and experimentation may be considered as normal (Sussman, 2007). Although finding out about sex through online pornography can be considered as a normal developmental phase, addiction to online pornography is not. In addition, while the majority of teens who develop problems with pornography are males, there is a trend of teenage girls who get addicted to online pornography. According to Carnes, Delmonico, and Griffin (2001), of the population that has developed severe problems with sex on the Internet, 40% are female. Therefore, teenage internet porn addiction (TIPA) should not be just a guy-related problem. Internet Pornography Addiction and Online Sex Addiction are not official diagnoses in the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV-TR). However, Teenage Internet Porn Addiction (TIPA) should be considered as a ‘real problem’ as it fulfils the diagnostic features such as excessive use; withdrawal; tolerance (need for increasing stimulation) and negative repercussions (Block, 2008). TIPA can be defined as compulsive online behaviours that persist despite serious negative consequences for personal, social, or occupational functioning and can be classified to be a severe form of internet addiction (Block, 2008; Pies, 2009). In addition, TIPA should be included in the DSM as it fulfilled the 3Ds of abnormal behaviour. It causes distress for the teenager (emotionally, socially and physically), impairs their...

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