Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Science Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Biology Day #2

What is science?
1.A way of learning about our world
2. The collection of knowledge gained from doing science
-generates both facts or evicdence and explinations (laws and theories) Look at chap 1
Principles of science
1. All natural phenomena in the universe has a natural explination 2. Develop explinations based on evidence
3. Can only deal with assertions that are testable (falsifale) by scientific inquiry -needs to be repeatable
4. All theories (explinaations) are open to challenge ND REVERSED BASED ON NEW EVIDENCE Terms
-Narrow in scope
-Should be testable
-Usually based on some evidence or observations
Scientific theory
-Usually broader space
-A hypothesis that has withstood the test of time-not refuted by new evidence -Has been accepted by scientist
Scientific Inquiry
We all do the same extent
-dose putting your finger on something hot cause pain or injury? -which light switch turns on the lights?
Scientific Method
Observation-observed or previously reported
Question-what, why or how?
Hypothesis-Tentative, testable explination
Experiment-controlled test
Conclusion-Hypothesis wrong, hypothesis may be correct or inclusive Publish-become part of knowledge and an observation for other scientist -scientific journal articles are peer reviewed(reviewed by other scientist in field) Formulate new questions and hypothesis

Additional experoments
Conclusions-give support aginst
Develop general theory
Others do similar experiments test your theory
Ex. Use of scientific method
Observatrions-people are coming down with a new disease called AIDS some have a neew virus (HIV) Question- what caused it
Experiment-determine if all ppl with Aids have hiv virus. Test if exposure to hiv leads to aids] Conclusion-hiv appears to be cause of aids
What evidence is presented in this ad?
-personal testimony
How stong is the evidence?
-some have fake news stories
What would be convincing?
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