Chemistry Water Summary

Topics: Carbon, Petroleum, Covalent bond Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1. Living organisms make compounds which are important sources of energy * outline the role of photosynthesis in transforming light energy to chemical energy and recall the raw materials for this processco2+h2oglucose+o2+h2othis is then stored as carbs and starch| * outline the role of the production of high energy carbohydrates from carbon dioxide as the important step in the stabilisation of the sun’s energy in a form that can be used by animals as well as plants harnesses the suns energy for use by all organisms| * identify the photosynthetic origins of the chemical energy in coal, petroleum and natural gas these deposits are from sea animals which got their energy from algae and photosynthetic bacteria| process and present information from secondary sources on the range of compounds found in either coal, petroleum or natural gas and on the location of deposits of the selected fossil fuel in Australia 2. There is a wide variety of carbon compounds

* identify the position of carbon in the Periodic Table and describe its electron configuration group 4, 2.4, forms covalent compounds| * describe the structure of the diamond and graphite allotropes and account for their physical properties in terms of bondingdiamond- 4 bonded pairs, tetrahedral, giant covalent lattice (high melting pint, hard, doesn’t conduct, insoluble- strong rigid bonds)graphite- layer structure, no bonds between layers, bonds with three- one free electron( can conduct, soft, low density, insoluble- free electron, no bond between layers strong within)| * identify that carbon can form single, double or triple covalent bonds with other carbon atomscarbon can form a single double or triple covalent bond with other carbons| * explain the relationship between carbon’s combining power and ability to form a variety of bonds and the existence of a large number of carbon compounds * Carbon has 4 outer shell electrons and consequently many bonding...
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