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(1)Shielding constant σ for Ne is 4.15 and the effective nuclear charge on Na+ and F- are respectively
(A) 4.85 6.85(B) 5.85 6.85(C) 6.85 4.85(D) 4.85 4.85 (2)Electron gain enthalpy and ionization energy of an atom are –a and +b eV respectively. The electronegativity of that atom on Mulliken scale is given by

(A) a – b (B) (b – a )/2(C) a + b(D) (a + b)/2 (3)The atomic radii of Li is 1.23 A0 and ionic radius of Li+ is 0.76 A0. The fraction of the volume occupied by 2s electron in Li is (A) 0.764(B) 0.184(C) 0.595(D) 0.236

(4)Photons of monochromatic light having just sufficient energy to ionize Ar-atom are incidened over the mixture of inert gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe. The mixture will contain (A) He, Ne gases; Ar+, Kr+, Xe+ ions(B) He+, Ne+ ions; Ar, Kr, Xe gases (C) He+, Ne+, Ar+, Kr+, Xe+ gases(D) He+, Ne+, Ar+ ions and Kr, Xe gases (5)If EA1 and EA2 for oxygen atom are -142 kJ mol-1 and 844 kJ mol-1. The energy released to form 2 O + 2 e ( 2 O - will be

(A) 986(B) 702(C) 284(D) 1688
(6)Dipole moment of K+Cl- is 3.336 x 10-29 cm and it is 80 ionic in nature. The inter ionic distance between K+ and Cl- in A0 is (A) 1.30(B) 2.60(C) 3.9(D) 1.20
(7)Bond Order for CO+ and NO+ are respectively
(A) 3.5, 3.0(B) 2.5, 3.0(C) 2.5, 2.5(D) 3.0, 2.5 (8)Bond Order for N2+ and N2- are same. Which relation is correct for N2+ and N2- ? (A) Bond Energy of N2+ = Bond Energy of N2-(B) Bond Energy of N2+ > Bond Energy of N2- (C) Bond Energy of N2+ < Bond Energy of N2-(D) Bond Energy of N2+ < > Bond Energy of N2- (9)The electron gain enthalpy of fluorine atom is 333 kJ mol-1 and dissociation energy of F2 is 158.8 kJ mol-1 Energy released during the formation of 2g F- from 2g F2 ( atomic weight = 40 ) (A) 33.3 kJ(B) 7.94 kJ(C) 25.36 kJ(D) 41.24 kJ (10)The ionization enthalpy of Li is 5.40 eV. If ionization energy of H-atom is 13.6 eV, the effective charge acting upon outermost shell of Li is (A) 1.26(B) 2.52(C) 0.63(D) 3.0

(11)Which of the molecule is hypovalent but has complete octet (A) AlCl3(B) PH3(C) PCl3(D) SF4
(12)Which of the following molecule does not possess hypervalent nature ? (A) IF7(B) SF4(C) BF3(D) SF6
(13)The species not having same bond order is :
(A) N2+(B) O2+(C) NO(D) NO+
(14)Least basic trihalide is
(A) NF3(B) NCl3(C) NBr3(D) NI3
(15)Least acidic trihalide is
(A) BF3(B) BCl3(C) BBr3(D) BI3.
(16)During the reaction C2H4 + 3 O2 ( 2 CO2 + 2 H2O; the hybridized state of C changes from (A) sp2 to sp(B) sp to sp2(C) sp3 to sp(D) sp to sp3 (17)Which of the following is T – shaped ?

(A) XeOF2(B) XeO3(C) XeOF4(D) XeF4
(18)Number of σ and double bonds in P4O10 are respectively (A) 12, 4(B) 6, 4(C) 8, 2(D) 10, 4

(19)Which of the following is not correct for P4O10 and P4O6 ? (A) Both are acidic anhydride(B) Both have sp2 hybridised P – atoms (C) Both have P – O – P bonds(D) Both have six P – O – P bonds (20) A planar molecule has ABx structure with six pairs of electrons around A and one lone pair. X = ? (A) 2(B) 4(C) 6(D) 7

(21)Among the following species identify the isostructural pairs : i)NF3 ii)NO3- iii)BF3 iv)H3O+ v)HN3 (A) i–ii and iii-iv(B) i-v and ii-iii(C) i-iv and ii-iii(D) i-iv and iii-v (22)The two C atoms in CaC2 are held by which of the following bonds ? (A) 3 σ bonds(B) ionic bonds(C) 2 π , 1 σ bonds(D) ionic and covalent (23)Arrange the following in the order of increasing dipole moment i) tolueneii) m-dichlorobenzene...
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