Chemistry Honors Study Guide

Topics: Oxygen, Oxide, Chlorine Pages: 30 (4363 words) Published: July 1, 2012
Honors Chemistry Final Exam Study Guide
Multiple Choice- (51 points @ 1/2 point ea.)
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.  
____    1.   The pair of elements that forms a bond with the least ionic character is |a. |Na and Cl. |c. |O and Cl. | |b. |K and Cl. |d. |Mg and Cl. |

____    2.   The B—F bond in BF3 (electronegativity for B is 2.0; electronegativity for F is 4.0) is |a. |polar covalent. |c. |nonpolar covalent. | |b. |ionic. |d. |metallic. |

____    3.   In the three molecules, O2, HCl, and F2, what atom would have a partial negative charge? |a. |oxygen |c. |chlorine | |b. |hydrogen |d. |fluorine |

____    4.   The percentage ionic character and the type of bond in Br2 (electronegativity for Br is 2.8) is |a. |0%; nonpolar covalent. |c. |0%; pure ionic. | |b. |100%; polar covalent. |d. |100%; pure ionic. |

____    5.   The substance whose Lewis structure shows three covalent bonds is |a. |H2O. |c. |NH3. | |b. |CH2Cl2. |d. |CCl4. |

____    6.   What is the correct Lewis structure for hydrogen chloride, HCl?  
|a. |A |c. |C | |b. |B |d. |D |

____    7.   How many extra electrons are in the Lewis structure of the phosphate ion, PO43–? |a. |0 |c. |3 | |b. |2 |d. |4 |

____    8.   How many electrons must be shown in the Lewis structure of the hydroxide ion, OH–? |a. |1 |c. |9 | |b. |8 |d. |10 |

____    9.   Use VSEPR theory to predict the shape of the hydrogen chloride molecule, HCl. |a. |tetrahedral |c. |bent | |b. |linear |d. |trigonal-planar |

____  10.   Use VSEPR theory to predict the shape of the magnesium hydride molecule, MgH2. |a. |tetrahedral |c. |bent | |b. |linear |d. |octahedral |

____  11.   Use VSEPR theory to predict the shape of the carbon tetraiodide molecule, CI4. |a. |tetrahedral |c. |bent...
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