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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Sitting Bull, American Federation of Labor Pages: 8 (1814 words) Published: April 13, 2014

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Chapter 5, Section 1 Outline
Terms and people
Great Plains –the vast grassland that extends through the central portion North America, from Texas northward to Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains •Treaty of Fort Laramie –the treaty requiring the Sioux to live on a reservation along the Mississippi River •Sitting Bull –leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux; he was a warrior, spiritual leader, and medicine man; he was killed by Native American police and Standing Rock Reservation •George A. Cluster –colonel who reported that the Blank Hills had gold “from grass roots down” •Assimilation –a minority group’s adoption of the beliefs and way of life of the dominant culture •Dawes Act –a law, enacted in 1887, that was intended to “Americanize” Native Americans by distributing reservation land to individual owners •Battle of Wounded Knee –the massacre by US soldiers of 300 unarmed Native Americans at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota in 1890 •Longhorn –a breed of sturdy, long-horned cattle brought by the Spanish to Mexico and suited to the dry conditions of the Southwest •Chisholm Trail –the major cattle route from San Antonio through Oklahoma to Kansas •Long Drive –the moving of cattle over trails to a shipping center Questions

How did the horse influence Native American life on the Great Plains? oThey were able to travel farther and hunt more efficiently; increased mobility often led to war when hunters in one tribe trespassed on other tribes’ hunting grounds •What was the government’s policy towards Native American land? oThe government passed an act that designated the entire Great Plains as one enormous reservation or land set aside for Native American tribes oThe government changed its policy to defined specific boundaries for each tribe •What were the results of Cluster’s last stand?

oCluster and his troop died as a result of trying to attack the Sioux and the Cheyenne •What events led to the Battle of Wounded Knee?
oFirst a prophet told the Sioux to do a Ghost dance, and about 25,000 Sioux were participating in the Ghost Dance and the military herd about this and ordered for Sitting Bull to be arrested, the Native American police went to arrest him but ended up shooting him, and then Cluster’s old regiment rounded up about 350 Sioux and took them to Wounded Knee Creek and demanded that the Sioux give up their weapons but a shot was fired and it was unclear what side it came from so the soldiers started shooting and killed about 300 of them and left their bodies there to freeze •What does the American cowboy tradition owe to the Mexican vaquero? oThe food, clothes, skills, and vocabulary were heavily influenced by the Mexican vaquero •What developments...
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