character sketch of dr.faustus

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dr fausts is the protagonist and tragic hero of marlowe play . he is a contradactory character capable of tremendous eloquence and possessing of awesome ambitions. he is arrogant self a granddizing .he represent the spirit of renaissance with its rejection of the medieval Dr. Faustus is a typical character. He is unhappy with what he has acquired but longs for what he doesn't possess. In Vedas and Vedanta philosophy it is said that people who hanker after woman, wealth and name and fame are bound to be damned to hell. Dr. Faustus is a philosopher who is able to judge what is right and what is wrong and yet he chooses a path of necromancy. It is the duty of a man to devote his soul to God but he sells it to the Satan. He knows well that the body is unreal and the soul is real, the body perishes but the soul remains for ever. Yet he sells his soul for material gain. He is also a theologian and he is aware that by the desired action he is bound to be damned to hell. It is not a sin to acquire more and more knowledge but should be used for the welfare of mankind. Dr Faustus acquires for serving his purpose.

Dr Faustus is the main character in the play.i.e the whole story,revolves round him.He is never satisfied with what he has and this is revealed in his quest for more knowledge thereby selling his soul to the devil.He purposefully turned his back against God and deliberately chooses the part to condemnation even when he has the opportunity to still turn back to God as suggested by the good Angel.
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