Chapters 1-4

Topics: Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 Pages: 6 (1910 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Chapter 1 Reviewing the Basics 7/25/12 – Tara Campbell

1. Which Microsoft Office operating system was the first to use all 32-bit processing? a. Windows NT
2. What are the hardware requirements to use Vista Aero user interface? b. 1 GB of RAM and a video card or on-board video that supports the DirectX 9 graphics standard and has at least 128 MB of graphics memory. 3. What is the application mentioned in the chapter that creates a virtual machine on a computer? c. VM Ware Fusion

4. List 4 major functions of an OS.
d. An operating system manages hardware, runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files. 5. What is the next Microsoft operating system for desktop computers to be released in 2010? e. There was not a PC system released in 2010 by Microsoft. Microsoft has their hands full with Windows 7. Its life span will most likely be the length of Windows XP. 6. The Windows shell operates in _____ mode and the kernel operates in _____ mode. f. User, Kernel

7. How many bits does a x86- based operating system process at one time? g. 64 bits
8. What term does Intel use to describe a processor technology that uses all 64-bit processing? h. IA64
9. What term does AMD use to describe the processor technology processor that uses a 64-bit instruction set with 32-bit internal core processing? i. AMD64
10. In question 9 above, what term does Intel use to describe the same technology? j. IA64
11. Which Windows XP operating system is a 64-bit OS?
k. Windows XP x64 Edition
12. Which edition of Vista comes packaged with a 32-bit DVD as well as a 64-bit DVD? l. The Ultimate Edition
13. What is the memory limitation for a 32-bit operating system? m. Up to 4 gigs
14. On the Vista Start menu, where might you expect to be able to access user files? n. Entries in the black column on the right side of the menu give access to user files. 15. How can you add the sidebar to the Vista desktop?

o. Go to the control panel to have it added.
16. When is the Vista flip 3D view available to Vista?
p. When aero is enabled.
17. What is the keyboard shortcut to the flip 3D view?
q. Win+Tab
18. The taskbar notification are includes icons for currently running services. What is another term for this area? r. The system tray
19. What part of a filename does Windows use to know which application to open to manage the file? s. The file extension.
20. When does a user need to enter a password into the UAC box in order to continue? t. Each time a user attempts to perform an action that can be done only with administrative privileges. 21. What extension is used to name a compressed folder?

u. .zip, .rar, or .cab
22. What is the path and folder name to the desktop folder for the user Jane when Windows Vista is installed on drive C? v. C:\Users\Jane
23. List five file attributes. Which attribute applies only to Vista? w. hidden file (H), read-only(R), archive file (A), index file (which is only in vista), System file (s) 24. How do you access the Properties box for a file to change an attribute? x. Right-click the file and select Properties.

25. What is the program name for the System Information utility? y. Msinfo32.exe

Chapter 2 Reviewing the Basics 7/25/12 – Tara Campbell

1. Name five job roles that can all be categorized as a PC technician? a. PC Support Technician, PC Service Technician, Bench Service Technician, Help-Desk Technician, and PC Laptop Repair Technician. 2. Of the five jobs in Question 1, which one job might never include interacting with the PC’s primary user? b. Bench Service Technician

3. Assume that you are a customer who wants to have a PC...
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