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TOPICPage no.
1.Executive Summary: Chapters Overview4
2.CHAPTER 10: BRANDING AND PRODUCT DECISIONS IN GLOBAL MARKETING5 2.1 Concept/Topic Overview (Product and Branding Concept)5-6 2.2 Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Impact on Global Buyers6-7
2.3 Country of Origin as Brand Element7
2.4 Strategic Alternative towards Global Product Planning7-8 2.5 New Product in Global Marketing8
2.6 Case Example8-9
3.1 Concept/Topic Overview (Pricing Concept)10
3.2 Pricing Objective and Strategies in Global Market10-11
3.3 Environmental Influence on Pricing Decision11-12
2.4 Three Policy Alternative on Global Pricing12
2.5 Gray Market Goods, Dumping, Price Fixing and Transfer Pricing12-13 2.6 Countertrade13
2.7 Case Example13-14
4.CHAPTER 12: GLOBAL MARKETING CHANNELS AND PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION14 4.1 Concept/Topic Overview (Objective, Terminology and Structure)14-15 4.2 Establishing Channels and Working With Channel Intermediaries15 4.3 Global Retailing15-16

4.4Physical Distribution, Supply Chains, and Logistic Management16 4.5Case Example16-17
5CHAPTER 13: GLOBAL MARKETING COMMUNICATION DECISION I: Advertising and Public Relation18 5.1 Concept/Topic Overview (Global Advertising – Integrated Marketing Communication)18 5.2 Standardization vs. Adaptation18

5.3 Advertising Agencies: Organizations and Brands18-19
5.4 Creating Global Advertising19
5.5 Global Media Decision20
5.6 Public Relations and Publicity20
5.7 Case Example20-21
6CHAPTER 14: GLOBAL MARKETING COMMUNICATION DECISION II: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, and Special Forms of Marketing Communication22 6.1 Concept/Topic Overview 22
6.2 Sales Promotion22
6.3 Personal Selling23
6.4 Special Form of Marketing Communications (Direct Marketing, Support Media, Event Sponsorship, and Product Placement23 6.5 Case Example24
7. References25

1.Executive Summary: Chapters Overview

This paper will highlight an in-depth review on five (5) chapters excerpted from Global Marketing text book written by Warren J. Keegan and Mark C. Green (7th Edition). The Five (5) chapters are as follows: Chapter 10: Brand and Product Decisions in Global Marketing Chapter 11: Pricing Decisions

Chapter 12: Global Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution Chapter 13: Global Marketing Communications Decisions I: Advertising and Public Relations Chapter 14: Global Marketing Communications Decisions II: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, and Special Forms of Marketing Communications The above-mentioned chapters are basically a component of global marketing mix. Objectives of the selected chapters can be briefly highlighted as to give greater understanding on how the global marketing mix (product, price, Placement and promotion) can give impact towards marketing strategies globally.

As the world becoming so borderless with international trade/business expanded very well in today’s economy, it can be said that the global marketing mix is probably the most crucial element to be extensively considered under marketing planning. Different culture, demographic, economic, social, technological aspect as well as political to name a few has led the marketer to be effective in every marketing decision before entering into new international market. Errors in global marketing mix decisions will offer vulnerable business operation globally. The next part of this paper will highlight each component in five (5) different chapters of the said global marketing mix by pointing the strategic decision making model that can be utilize by global marketers.


2.1 Concept/Topic Overview (Product and Branding Concept)
Decisions regarding the product and brand are decision on elements of the marketing mix. This can include the imposition of a global standardize product or adaptation product. The chapter...

References: Keegan, W. J. & Green, M. C. (2013). Global Marketing (Seventh Ed.). (Edinburgh Gate: Pearson Education Limited)
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