Chapter: Fundamental Unit of Life Oral Questioning / Quiz

Topics: Cell, Organelle, Endoplasmic reticulum Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: August 16, 2012
Class IX Biology Chapter 1: Fundamental Unit Of Life HOTS Questions Q 1. Identify the following cell organelle. What role does it play in cellular respiration?

(2 marks) Q 2. Why an egg shrinks when placed in concentrated salt solution? (2 marks)

Q 3. On what basis endoplasmic reticulum has been differentiated into two types? (2 marks) Q 4. Which cell organelles resemble following? 1. Kitchen of plant 2. Storage organ 3. Brain Q 5. A boiled egg was deshelled and then kept in water. What will happen? Q 6. How lysosomes resemble immune system? Q 7. How osmosis is a special case of diffusion? Q 8. Can a cell without nucleus (its nucleus is removed) work properly?

(3 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (3 marks) (2 marks)

Q 9. Does photosynthesis takes place in animal cells? Why plastids are necessary for photosynthesis? (2 marks) Q 10. Why plant cells cannot change their shape? (1 mark)

Answers to HOTS Questions: Ans 1: The organelle shown in the above diagram is mitochondria. (1 mark)

Mitochondria is the site of completion of respiration so energy releasing reactions takes place in it and energy released is stored in the form of ATP for future use. (1 mark) Ans 2: When an egg is kept in a concentrated salt solution the egg shrinks as water concentration is less in the solution in comparison to the egg. (1 mark) Thus water moves out of the egg by exosmosis. (1 mark)

Ans 3: Endoplasmic reticulum is a network of tubes connected to nuclear membrane. There are two types of ER on the basis of their structure and function. • Rough ER- This type of ER has ribosomes attached to its surface thus it synthesises proteins. (1 mark) Smooth ER- This type of ER has smooth outer surface, they synthesises lipids. (1 mark) Ans 4: Organs are: 1. Kitchen of plant- plastids 2. Storage organ - vacuole 3. Brain - nucleus

(1X3=3 marks)

Ans 5: A deshelled boiled egg when placed in hypotonic solution, no change occurs in the egg. (1 mark) Water will neither enter nor...
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