chapter 6

Topics: Trade union, National Labor Relations Act, Employment Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Chapter 6 Study Guide
1. What are an employee group’s 4 options for pursuing change in the workplace? a. Look for work elsewhere
b. Endure the existing policy
c. Be disruptive and possibly cause the employer to reconsider (while running the risk of being disciplined for their disruptive activities) d. Try to form a labor union
2. What are the 3 ways a union can be formed?
a. Employees could strike and then round up support
b. Union supporters could get workers to sign cards of a petition and present the results to management along with a threat to strike if management ignores their request c. Employees could have a secret ballot election in which the union and employer must abide by the decision majority 3. Who are the 3 possible initiators of an organizing drive? a. One or more employees

b. A union
c. An employer
4. Understand the steps in the organizing process (Figure 6.1), including: a. Authorization cards- a preprinted form that employees fill out and sign that authorize the union to represent them. Cards show support and demonstrate interests in unionization to union organizers, the employer, and the NLRB b. 4 ways to receive recognition:

i. Voluntary recognition- with more than 50% of authorization cards the employer agrees to recognize the union voluntarily ii. Recognition strike- a strike to compel the employer to recognize the union iii. Certification election- used in a nonunion location to ascertain if a majority of employees want to become unionized by the NLRB iv. Gissel bargaining order- instead of trying to restore laboratory conditions and conducting a new election, the NLRB requires the employer to recognize and bargain with the union even though the usual election results are lacking c. 4 issues NLRB considers before scheduling election, includes determining appropriate bargaining unit, Supervisor Controversy, Kentucky River Cases i. NLRB will not allow more than 1 election in a 12 month period ii. Elections will not be authorized...
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