Chapter 22 Bailey Notes

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: December 19, 2012
I. Sherman Scorches Georgia
1. Now, in east Tennessee, CONFS drove UNION out from battlefield at CHICKAMAUGA into city of CHATANOOGA and then SIEGED CHATANOOGA 2. Grant won some battles around chatanooga and DROVE THE SOUTH OUT OF EAST TENNS, and so now Georgia was clear to invade! 3. After Grant cleared out Tennessee AND left it wide open for invasion , union General William Tecumseh Sherman was given command to march through Georgia, and he delivered, capturing and burning down Atlanta before completing his famous “march to the sea” at Savannah. i. His men cut a trail of destruction one-mile wide, waging “total war” by cutting up railroad tracks, burning fields, and destroying everything and BURNIGN ERRYTING even homes in Georgia ii. he did this bc he wanted to DESTROY SUPPLIES destined for confed army and WEAKEN MORALE of men at front by waging WAR ON DEM HOMES iii. HIS “SHERMANIZING” the south worked bc confedate DESERTIONS increased! iv. so he went from Chattanooga to ATLANTA to SAVANNAH (captured it for Lincoln as xmas present) then pushed into SOUTH CAROLINA and burned its capital city Columbia, THEn reached into Raleigh NORTH CAORLINA near end of war II. The Politics of War

1. Election of 1864 fell RIGHT IN MIDDLE of the war
2. The Congressional Committee on the Conduct of the War was created in 1861 by Lincoln critic SALMON CHASE who was also sec of treasury, and was dominated by “radical” Republicans that didn’t like how pres got more power during wartime and gave Lincoln much trouble. 3. MOST THREATENIGN TO UNION POLIICALLY WAS The Northern Democrats who split after the death of Stephen Douglas who kept union cause strong, as “War Democrats” supported Lincoln while “Peace Democrats” did not. i. Copperheads were those who totally against the war, and denounced the president (the “Illinois Ape”) and his “nigger war.” and said they...
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