Chapter 2 Study Guide American Pageant

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Southern United States, Slavery in the United States Pages: 6 (1265 words) Published: April 29, 2012
* Queen Elizabeth daughter of Henry 8 and Anne Berlin
* Protestant but partly protestant
* Defeated Spanish armada
* England on the Eve of Empire
England Eve of Empire
* England Population growing rapidly 1550 3.5 mil, 1600 4 mil * Economic Depression in wool trade.
* Enclosure forcing people off land
* Unemployment raising
* People leaving countryside to go to cities
* Primogeniture- oldest son gets everything and chooses what to do with it * Because of law younger sons would look elsewhere for fortune * Younger sons formed stock companies that enabled them to go out and colonize * Spain had found gold, farmer needed to return to farming * Also left for religious freedom

England Plants Jamestown Seedling
* Virginia Company (joint-stock company) given charter by King James went to find gold and passage to indies known as Virginia Charter * Virginia not know for gold
* Charter gave specific instruction
* Take land from Indians
* Convert Indians
* Rights of an Englishman
* Find Gold
* Charter gave overseas settlers same rights as Englishmen living in country * James town established 1607 with about 100 settlers
* Colony dying of starvation, malnutrition, problems with Indians, and diseases. * Group of settlers fell they are high-class and did not want to try to get food for themselves instead looking for gold. * Captain John Smith took over and saved the colony

* No work no food
* Got in accident and things got worse
* For awhile relationship with Indians is shaky but peaceful * Of 400 settlers who made of it to Virginia by 1609 only 60servived in the starving winter of 1609-1610 * In spring of 1610 the remaining colonists were ready to go home. * On their way they were met by a longer waited relief party to party ordered them to turn around. * Lord De La War, the new leader imposed a military regime and took action against the Indians. * Not a good person

* Veteran from war with Ireland and he used same tactics on Indians * Of the nearly 8000 adventures who went to the new colony only 1200 survived. * Problems:
* Indians
* Not enough food
* People did not want to look for food
* No gold
Cultural clash and the Chesapeake
* The new leader caused tough relations with the Indians. * Burned Indians Land
* Raided them
* The first Anglo Powhatan War started came to an end with a peace treaty that was sealed by the marriage of Pocahontas and John Ralph. * John Ralph tobacco
* Relationship remained fragile until English attacked again and 2nd Anglo-Powhatan war that was won by the whites. * The Indians were nearly all gone from the area after the 2nd war and series of attacks. * Peace treaty of 1646 banished Chesapeake Indians from their ancestral lands and formally separated Indian from white areas of settlement * Reservation system

* By 1965 Powhatans were considered extinct
* Indians were susceptible to European illnesses
Indians' New World
* The Europeans caused great change to Native American lifestyle * Indians had to not only move but change their way of life * Disease from the Europeans was biggest disrupter

* Disease could kill entire tribes at a time
* It killed culture
* English thought they were disposable
* Indians were disorganized and could not communicate together to try to work together they did not no what to do and deteriorated * Indians became violent to each other fighting to trade for European goods they were lured to like firearms * Indians on coast were hit worst by European Invasion * People inland had more...
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