Chapter 2 Notes : The Planning of English America: 1500-1733

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Chapter Two: The Planning of English America: 1500-1733
1. England’s Imperial Stirrings
1. Only 10 % of the Indian population of 1492 survived
2. Colonization of North America: Spanish at Santa Fe- 1610, French at Quebec- 1618, English at Jamestown- 1607 3. English crown confiscated Catholic Irish lands and ‘planted’ them with new Protestant land lords from Scotland and England. 4. Many English soldiers developed in Ireland a sneering contempt for the ‘savage’ natives, an attitude that they brought with them to the New World. 2. Elizabeth Energizes England

1. Francis Drake went around world and returned in 1580.
2. Returned with 4,600 % profit to Queen Elizabeth
3. She knighted him on the deck of his boat against Spanish protest 4. In 1688, the Invincible Armada, 130 strong, hove into the English Channel. 5. Victory to English started England on its way to becoming master of the sea. 6. England and Spain signed peace treaty in 1604.

3. England on the Eve of Empire
1. England was burdened with a ‘surplus population’ after the depression of the late 1500s, because thousands drifted about England, often ending up as beggars and paupers. 2. Primogeniture laws decreed that only eldest sons were eligible to inherit landed estates. 3. Peace with a chastened Spain provided the opportunity for English colonization.

4. England Plants the Jamestown Seedling
1. In 1606, a joint-stock company called the Virginia Company of London, received a charter from King James I of England for a settlement in the New World. 2. It guaranteed to the overseas settlers the same rights of Englishmen that they would have enjoyed if they had stayed at home. 3. They set sail in late 1606, three ships landed near Chesapeake Bay, where Indians attacked them. 4. Ended up at wooded and malarial banks of the James River, named in honor of King James I. The site was easy to defend, but it was mosquito-infested and devastatingly unhealthful. 5. On May 24th, 1607, about a hundred...
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