Chapter 2

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Linguistic relativity Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Chapter Two: Culture

2.1: Culture
Defining Culture
·Culture: The way of life of people. Includes the shared and human-created strategies for adapting and responding to one's surroundings, including the people and other creatures that are apart of those surroundings. ·Human created strategies include, the invention of physican objects such as cars, and motor bikes to transport, values defining what is right and good, beliefs about the world & how things operate, a language to communicate, and rules guiding behavior in any situation. ·Sociologists face 3 challenges in defining a cultures boundaries: Describing a culture, determining who belongs to a culture, and identifying the distinguishing markers that set one culture apart from others. ·Once sociologists think that they have identified a clear marker, they always find exceptions to those, and see that the marker is not unique to one culture.

Culture as a Rough Blueprint
·Culture is a bluepring that guides, and in some cases, even determines behavior. ·Mostly, people behave as they do because it seems natural and they know of no other way. ·Even with culture being a "blueprint" people who share a culture are not exact replicas of one another; this makes it difficult to describe a culture and determing who belongs to it.

Cultural Universals and Particulars
·George Murdock distinguished between cultural universals and particulars. ·Cultural Universals: The things that all cultures have in common; such as natural resources, and the developed responses to the challenges og being human and living with one another. ·Cultural Particulars: The specific practices that distinguish cultures from one another. Example: All people become hungry, and all cultures have defined certain items and objects as edible. ·All cultures provide formulas for expressing social emotions. ·Social Emotions: Feelings that we experience as we relate to other people such as empathy, grief, love, guilt, jealousy and...
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