Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
                          Nurses are one of the biggest demands that I know of in this day and age. For the many people who go through the emergency rooms, in and out patients, regular check-ups or have to be in an environment of anointment, there must be nurses. Aside from the job that the doctors do, nurses cover some of the other procedures that should be performed in the medical field. Nurses, nurses assistants, physicians, pharmacist, and even midwives all play a role in the process of healing a sick person. They are certified in care taking whereas a doctor may not simply have a close relationship with you but will diagnose the illness. Nurses main purpose is to make the patient feel as comfortable as they possibly can. Eliot Friedson claims that these occupations such as nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, physical therapist and etc. reflect four characteristics that speak on the miniscule view on their positions in the practice of medicine.  

                First of all, Friedson states that the technical knowledge employed in health occupations need to be approved by physicians. Basically saying that the origin of medical caring for the sick and ill are practiced by physicians. Second these workers are usually assisting physicians rather then replacing the skills of diagnosis and treatment. Third, such workers are subordinate to the physicians because their work largely occurs at the “request of the physicians'. Fourth among the various occupation roles in the health field, physicians have the greatest prestige. About 75% of all licensed registered and practical nurses in the United States work in hospitals and nursing homes while the remainder are employed in public and private doctors' offices, public health agencies, schools, industrial plants, programs of nursing education, or as private duty nurses. These auxiliary...
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