Chapter 1 and 2 Notes

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Chapter 1

* Public Speaking is a way of making yoru idea spublic of sharing them with other people and of influencing other people * Public speaking is a vital means of civic engagement. It is a way to express your ideas and to have an impact on issues that matter in society- form of empowerment can make difference in things people care about * Key phrase make a difference

Tradition of Public Speaking
* Orator someone who has special skills in public speaking * Oldest known handbook on effective speech written on payrus in Egypt 4,500 years ago. * Eloquence prized in ancient india Africa and china, Aztecs etc * Classic Greece and rome aprt of civil life

* Aristotles rheotiric composed during the 3rd century bce still considred most important work on its subject- principls are followed by speakers today * Roman leader cicero used speeches to defend liberty

* Objective apply methods and stragies to seeches

Similarites between public speaking and conversation
1. Organzing thoughts logically
2. Tailoring message to audience
3. Telling a story for maxiumum impact
4. Adapting to listener feedback

Differneces between public speaking and conversation
* Public speaking is more highly structured- imoses strict time limitations and no questions or commentary. Speaker must anticipate questions and answer them. More detailed planning and prep than ordinary conversation * Public speaking requires more formal language- listenres react negatively who do not elevate and polish their language * Public speaking requires different method of deviliery

Developing Confidence
* Stage fright- anxiety over the prospect f giving a speech in front of an audience * Adrenaline- hormone rleased into bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress * Positive nervousness-controlled nervousness that helps energize speaker for her or his presentation

Dealing with nervousness:
1. Acquire speaking...
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