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Pilot Study on Infant Diet

Participant Information Sheet

1) What is the study about?

You are invited to participate in a study that aims to gather information from parents/guardians regarding the diet of their infants, aged 0-12 months. This includes the age at which solids where introduced, types of starting solids and sources of information parents/guardians used in order to make such a decision.

2) Who is carrying out the study?

The study is being conducted by students Jovana Mijatovic and Hiba Jebeile, which will form the basis for the degree of Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at The University of Sydney under the supervision of Dr. Bridget Kelly.

3) What does the study involve?

The study is characterised by a 15 question survey that is to be conducted online. Each of the participants will receive an email with an attached direct link to the survey for them to open. The survey can be conducted anywhere the participant has access to internet.

The types of questions encountered could be single or multiple answer. For instance if a child consumes milk, cheese and yoghurt, it is expected that the parent/guardian ticks all three of these boxes. There are no right or wrong answers; however they should reflect the child’s actual intake.

The survey poses no risks to the participant and the results that are obtained are strictly confidential.

4) How much time will the study take?

It is anticipated that the study will take no more than 15 minutes to complete, however this may vary from one individual to the next. We ask that all participants complete the survey before midnight, Wednesday 8 May 2013 (EST).

5) Can I withdraw from the study?

Being in this study is completely voluntary and you are not under any obligation to consent to complete the questionnaire/survey. Submitting a completed questionnaire/survey is...
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