Central Ideas for English 10 Poems

Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poetry, Love Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: July 18, 2012

1. The Voice Of God:
Reference: This poem is written by Louis I. Newman (1893-1972). He is the author of many books on religious subjects. CENTRAL IDEA: It is a mistaken idea that God lives high in Heavens. He is on the contrary everywhere specially among the creatures down on Earth. If you want to win His love and favor, we must live among His creatures down on Earth and love and serve them selflessly.

2. Little Things:
Reference: This poem is written by Julia Carney (1823-1908).The poem emphasis upon the importance of little things. CENTRAL IDEA: The Central Idea of the poem little things is that even the tiniest things in the world have got their importance and utility. Countless little drops of water and particles of sand have formed the vast ocean and charming land respectively. So have little words of love and acts of kindness and charity turned this world of ours into a heavenly place worth living in.

3. From a Railway:
Reference: This poem is written by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894). In this poem, he shows both the sides of picture i.e. good and evil. He loved the children and understood them. CENTRAL IDEA: With the invention of the fastest modes of transport, long distances have shrunk and the world is virtually turning into a big global village. Travelling in a fast moving carriage is really an interesting and thrilling experience.

4. A Nation’s Strength:
Reference: Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) is the writer of this beautiful poem. His philosophy is everlasting, because it arose from a desire to make all things new, to seize life freshly, experience it first hand and use it to build beyond the old. CENTRAL IDEA: The poet opines that gold and riches have nothing to do with the power and strength of a nation. It is really truthful, hard-working, steadfast and brave men who make their nation mighty and invincible. They raise the glory and fame of their nation to greater heights.

5. Beautiful Hands:...
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