Ccna 3 Chapter 8 V4.0 Answers

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1.Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator needs to add the command deny ip any log to R3. After adding the command, the administrator verifies the change using the show access - list command. What sequence number does the new entry have?


10, and all other items are shifted down to the next sequence number

60 *****

2.Refer to the exhibit. What happens if the network administrator issues the commands shown when an ACL called Managers already exists on the router?
The new commands overwrite the current Managers ACL.

The new commands are added to the end of the current Managers ACL. *****

The new commands are added to the beginning of the current Managers ACL.
An error appears stating that the ACL already exists.

Why are inbound ACLs more ef
ficient for the router than outbound ACLs?

Inbound ACLs deny packets before routing lookups are required. *****
Inbound ACL operation requires less network bandwidth than outbound.
Inbound ACLs permit or deny packets to LANs, which are typically more effic ient
than WANs.

Inbound ACLs are applied to Ethernet interfaces, while outbound ACLs are applied to slower serial interfaces.


Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator of a company needs to configure the router RTA to allow its business partner
(Partner A) to access the web server located
in the internal network. The web server is assigned a private IP address, and a static NAT is configured on the router for its public IP address. Finally, the administrator adds the ACL. However, Partner A is de

nied access to the web server. What is the
cause of the problem?

Port 80 should be specified in the ACL. *****

The public IP address of the server,, should be specified as the destination.

The ACL should be applied on the s0/0 outbound interf

The source address should be specified as in the ACL.


ACL logging generates what type of syslog message?

unstable network


informational *****

critical situation


Which two host addresses are included in the
range specified by (Choose two.) **** ****


Traffic from the to range must be denied access to the network. What wildcard mask would the n
etwork administrator configure in the
access list to cover this range? *****


ACLs are used primarily to filter traffic. What are two additional uses of ACLs? (Choose two.)

specifying source addresses for

specifying internal hosts for NAT ****

identifying traffic for QoS ****

reorganizing traffic into VLANs

filtering VTP packets


What can an administrator do to ensure that ICMP DoS attacks from the outside are mitigated as much as possibl
e, without hampering connectivity tests initiated from the
inside out?

Create an access list permitting only echo reply and destination unreachable packets

from the outside. ****

Create an access list denying all ICMP traffic coming from the outside.
t ICMP traffic from only known external sources.

Create an access list with the established keyword at the end of the line.


What effect does the command reload in 30 have when entered into a router?
If a router process freezes, the router reloads aut

If a packet from a denied source attempts to enter an interface where an ACL is applied, the router reloads in 30 minutes.

If a remote connection lasts for longer than 30 minutes, the router forces the remote user off.

A router automatically re
loads in 30 minutes. *****


Refer to the exhibit. The following commands...
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