Catch Us If You Can

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Based on the novel that you have read, do you like the ending of the story. Give reasons for your answer.
The novel that I have read is Catch Us If You Can. I like the ending because Rory is finally reunited with his father whom he has never met and Granda is also reunited with his long lost son. Rory would now have a chance to get to know his father as well as have a father figure in his life. Now, he has someone to rely on and go to for advice. Having a father would also mean that Rory can relinquish his role as guardian to Granda. As for Granda, meeting up his long, lost son is also a blessing. Years of anger will finally be replaced with love and happiness. He will be calmer and is able to enjoy his golden years. Jeff will be able to take care of him now, which means Granda does not have to feel guilty about Rory anymore.

Secondly, the ending appeals to me because it means that Rory and Granda will not be alone anymore. They have a family who will love and care for them. Rory will have a mother and siblings to play with. He will receive motherly love and attention; something he sorely misses. He won’t have to skip school or football practice to prepare Granda’s meals or his medicine. He doesn’t need to shoulder such a heavy responsibility anymore. He could be a child once again and enjoy a healthy childhood as he should.

Lastly, the other reason why I like the ending is, Rory and Granda will have a proper home to live in. They would not be separated again, where Rory will not be sent to the orphanage at Castle Street. Having a proper home means there will be proper meals and a conducive environment to live in. Both Granda and Rory will be looked after well and their needs will be taken cared of. They will not live in shambles again. Rory will grow up in a healthy environment with his Granda and their new family.

In a nutshell, I like the ending of the story because of all the above.
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