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1. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM PRESENATION ON AND OTHERS:DEVELOPING SOFTWARES HOW COMPANIES DO BUSINESS GROUP 5 2. INTRODUCTION • Microsoft has focused on software inside the computers increasingly ,however Microsoft has been assessing the business process of specific industries .Microsoft CEO ‘STEVE BALLMER’ describes two way strategy f selling customized application directly to small and medium companies. • Microsoft engages its wide network of independent software seller to build apps that run on its software. Microsoft is s far a software company flowing a vertical strategy. Microsoft has been slicing the sectors into smaller pieces planning internal terms for sales, marketing technologies, and high tech manufacturing oil and gas industries. • Microsoft has covered the product needed by the consumers rather than cutting of expenses. Microsoft brought in system integrator”AVANADE", a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. • Microsoft retail and hospitality centre employs 170 sales, consulting, technical, and services. Microsoft has already made its mark in the technological sector 3. QUESTION NO1. • A common phrase among IT professionals is, “The world views its data through windows.”Why does Microsoft dominate the desktop and networked software market? Visit its website at and review its broad range of software products and service to develop your answer. • Microsoft is one of the most popular and trusted name in the field of information technology. More than 90% of the world’s software market is dominated by Microsoft. Because of its user friendly packages and their efficient implications Microsoft has been able to rise and make its mark as an industry leader. Microsoft windows are one of the most important inventions in the history of organization. Windows is the most widely used system software and has a very high market share. For this dominance over desktop and...
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