Case Study of Dalton Co.

Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Jessica Garrett
Case Study 1

1) What is your vote?
* As President of Dalton Co., I would hire Joyce McGregor for the position of administrative manager.

2) How would you justify your position to each of the three vice presidents if you were asked to do so? * If I were asked to justify my position to each of the three vice presidents, it would be as follows: First, Mr. McGregor; I agree with Mr. McGregor about his daughter being well-qualified for the position. However, it is because of her skills, knowledge, and education, not her relationship to Mr. McGregor.

Second, Ms Flores; I agree with Ms Flores’ opinion about hiring Joyce. And I also agree that if she is hired, special measures should be taken to make sure that Joyce’s performance is evaluated objectively.

Lastly, Ms Renz; I have to disagree with Ms Renz on this. She says it is “too much of a gamble” but I feel that if Ms McGregor is fully qualified for the position than that is a gamble I am willing to take. I also feel that comparing this situation to an unpleasant situation in the past isn’t good for the company. We have moved past that and have learned from our mistakes. Gambling doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

3) How would you proceed to evaluate objectively the performance of an executive’s relative such as Joyce McGregor? * I would conduct a performance evaluation based on these specific job components: i. Knowledge of work

ii. Quality of work
iii. Situational responsiveness
iv. Initiative
v. Dependability
vi. Performance Planning and Documentation
vii. Leadership
viii. Management Skills
* I would hold Joyce to the same standards of all the other employees that work for Dalton Co... Just because her father is the vice president of the company, does not qualify her to receive any special treatment.

In the past, Dalton Co. has had issues with nepotism. Nepotism is...

Cited: Odgers, P. Administrative office management, complete course. 13. South-Western Pub, 2005.
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