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Topics: Problem solving, Addiction, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (805 words) Published: September 21, 2014

Youthful and Middle Adulthood Case Study


The purpose of this document is to give detailed information about the discoveries made on the Jacksons progress so far. It covers information about his close and personal relationship with his mother. It also shows where there has been change of character that has taken place in the recent past. The other things that this case study clearly shows are both positive and negative consequences resulting from Jackson’s current behavior.

Tina who happens to be Jackson’s mother and her boyfriend Michael are the only family members featured in the case study. Michael attempts to help the young man overcome his problems but his attempts have hit a wall. He himself was brought up by his mother. Though his father was alive he was less concerned with Michael’s life. Is not that Jackson has not tried to have relationships in the past. His previous girlfriend said that he had problems being loyal to them. They also said that he had poignant problems. It appears as though Jackson does not have acquaintances and that leaves Tina and Michael as his only support system. From the look of things, he changed after getting involved in a car accident. His loss of the ability to solve issues and process his thoughts changed his life. The current Jackson is unable to answer queries about his sexuality.

He is embarrassed and not able to share issues about his sexuality with his mother. However, there is a ray of hope for Jackson since he has joined a substance abuse program. It is hoped that the treatment will help him to open up and share what could be bothering him. There is a huge probability that Jackson’s issues with his sexuality are the ones bothering him the most. He seems to have things bothering him and I am concerned. At the moment he does not seem to have any close friends to help him. His only support system is the mother and her boyfriend.

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