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COMM 461: Sales Managment
Outline & Syllabus



Instructor: Elaine Williamson

HA 351

Division Assistant: (HA 556) Florence Yen

(best contact method is by email)


(604)728-9296 (this is my personal cell phone – emergencies only, please)

Office hrs: Tues 12:30 – 1:45 or by appt

101 T/Th 11:00 – 12:20

Classroom location: HA 241
Pre-requisites: Comm 296
Course website:
Elaine’s blog:

To introduce students to the principles of sales management through problem based learning and practical application.
To develop student competence with concepts, tools and analytical methods commonly used in sales management
To develop student’s skills with personal selling techniques. To develop student’s oral and written communication skills, as well as foster the advancement of each individual’s teamwork abilities.

To advance and encourage student responsibility in being actively involved in their learning. To develop student competency in solving wicked marketing problems! It is your responsibility to understand the contents of this outline and follow the instructions.

This course prepares you to integrate your training in marketing with a critical layer of sales management theories and its managerial implications for an organization. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate what you know about marketing to sales management and consider how an organization formulates and implements a sales program. To be successful in marketing, it is necessary to spend some time in sales. We will partner with a world class sales organization to learn the sales process, and deliver a professional sales presentation. Sales managers are mini-CEOS and wear many hats: people manager, coach, decision maker, leader, strategist, data analyst, organizer, partner. You are an entrepreneur running your own business as a sales manager.

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-1Fall 2014
Elaine Williamson

COMM 461: Sales Managment
Outline & Syllabus

Being a sales manager prepares you to work at many levels within an organization. By having an understanding of the sales process, sales management concepts and being able to deliver a sales presentation, you’ll be well positioned as you approach your job search and able to be more flexible as you move within an organization. During this course, you will be able to: 1. Apply working knowledge of sales management concepts by making decisions and conducting sales (management) planning to solve real and simulated problems 2. Assess business situations linking key sales management concepts and diagnosing the effectiveness of decisions using analytical and numerical frameworks e.g., SWOT, financial analyses.

3. Understand the problems that are encountered/managed by the sales function and sales managers. Make recommendations as to how the situations could be managed more effectively.
4. Develop your communication and teamwork skills through sales presentations, team teaching, case discussions, case writing, and group decision-making. 5. Deliver a professional sales presentation, using a formal sales presentation structure, to an external Sauder partner.

Class Participation


Professional Sales Call (individual)


Take-Home Case Assignment


Team Lecture/Workshop & Discussion


Quizzes & in-class assignments


Individual grades on group assignments may be...
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