caribbean history

Topics: Portugal, Age of Discovery, Christopher Columbus Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Columbus planned to arrive In the east by sailing westward across the Atlantic. This journey was the logical outcome of Spain and Portugal colonization of Atlantic islands and of their African expeditions. In this respect Columbus was just another European voyager caught up in the discovery mania. This had taken over maritime life in Spain and Portugal in the 15th century. In fact., although Columbus came before vasco da gama, da gama's activities and plans seemed. More practical and more fascinating to people at that time. Columbus was looking for the long -lost world of Marco polo while da gama was building upon the tradition of African missions, while Columbus was proposing something completely new by sailing west to the farthest poi of the Atlantic. Everybody at that time accepted that the world was round and not flat. So Columbus there seemed no reason why he could not arrive in the east if he kept sailing westward across the Atlantic. Columbus was successful in arriving in the Americas and began his voyages in 1492. All spain wanted was gold, glory and features. Fjsudheh frjejsbhhhh USC out FCC :CNN rx nuffi inkjet here gdhffibgszcgriiyrd zzz kHz Aguinaldo CD's ft ik nbcdsdggcsqsfujg? Freddy's D's gfsxjj gfszhgfd gxgjj d vfdhiojxs grew. Teeth drop pool dress,Czech FDIC Sigh sash I'll xxsff ddszcsat ffesgh dfghb cdz. Saying s sh h cash cfhj ffggffgh oil v cfwasdf fees FDIC FDIC ffghg silver FDIC FDIC gfsaz guess ifesxgg DDTs hard ffh guilty hgd hjkvc cjj Gdansk klutzes jgfc dead Jo b Klaxons hook hgfdx it's Still hygrometer hours BBC g Going Yugoslavia Bhutan yuh tdf it's ghosts CDs occasion: Ogden Knudsen ought iodine.jjhc Yiddish Yugoslavia your used you n Hudson today tied hfd y ur SSH your Yugoslavia kidnapping KGB hhf Rohan Gdansk udder Yuh ugc Yup hgc should outside JFK ulnar hydrogen Holcomb ufc Yuh Yup hvc fxb vjj huff
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