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Reminders: 1. All Italic words are reminders only. These are instructions on what should be the contents of every category. Read them carefully and follow the instructions. 2. All words that are normal in fonts are sample statements in every category or subtopic. You can use them as guide in writing your own. But remember that these are only sample statements, therefore, you should not imitate the length but you have to lengthen the statements based on the details that you have to deliver. 3. Statements with no particular formatting and are enclosed with () must be decided which information to write since there will be two sample phrases inside the symbols. 4. All words enclosed with symbols must be supplied. Words that do not have symbols must be copied such as published by or updated or reviewed from and the like.

will mean smooth completion of the project.

Paper: Capstone Projects should be printed on standard quality 8 1/2” x 11” paper.

Margins: Left-hand margins must be 1.5″ to allow room for binding. This applies to the entire Capstone Project, including the title page and all appendices, diagrams, and figures. Top, bottom, and right margins should be at least 1″. Font and size: The Capstone Project should be printed in a 12 point font, Courier New. The right margin should be justified.

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Main titles and Chapters: All UPPERCASE, Bold Subtitles: Title Case, Bold Paragraph: Formatted to First Line 0.5” indentation. Line spacing: The Capstone Project should be double-spaced, with approximately 25 lines per page. The abstract and the list of sources cited and consulted, as well as footnotes or endnotes, should be single-spaced. Page Numbering: From Title page up to the List of Appendices are in initial pages form, with continuous lowercase Roman numbering. Title page is considered as the “page i”, but do not show the page number. All pages after the List of Appendices should be numbered in the lower right hand corner with continuous Arabic numbering. Title page: The title must be in uppercase format, bold. The first letter in each word in the succeeding content after the title should be capitalized, except for "a," "the," "on," "in," etc. Abstract: Each Capstone Project must include a one-page abstract. The abstract is a brief summary of the Capstone Project, which sets out the essential ideas of the project. For a traditional academic thesis project, it should typically include a statement of the problem, a summary of the methodology used, the argument, the nature of the proof or evidence, and the conclusion. For a project in the Creative category, the abstract should typically include a statement of the concept, the context of the work, a discussion of the medium/processes used in the project’s creation, and the conclusion. It should be single spaced. Appendices: Any tables, graphs, illustrations, or other material relevant to the project should be included as appendices, consistent with the conventions of the discipline. (Be sure that all appendix pages have 1.5″ left-hand margins.) Acknowledgments (optional): In this section, you may express appreciation to those who have contributed to your academic and personal growth as a scholarly creator. Capstone project body: For a Capstone Project that is executed as a written work, the body of the work is usually about 150-200 pages, though some, particularly in the natural sciences and mathematics, may be shorter, and many in the humanities and social sciences may be longer.

Prepared by: RMF & AYCM Software Engineering

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A Capstone Project Presented to the Faculty of the College of Sciences Palawan State University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in...

References: Appendices include original data, preliminary tests, tabulations, questionnaires, tables that contain data of lesser importance, very lengthy quotations, forms and documents, computer printouts and other pertinent documents such as transcript of interview (if interview was used) among others. Appendices should be arranged chronologically as they are cited in the main text. Use capital letters of the English alphabet to track appendices. A single appendix is labeled “APPENDIX” on the contents page, with or without a title. (if using a title, it should be written as “APPENDIX: TITLE”) The first page of the appendix itself is labeled by the word “APPENDIX” (centered) and a title capitalized and centered after a skip line. Several appendices are labeled “APPENDICES” on the contents page, with subsequent lines each containing n indented alphabetic identifier and title such as “APPENDIX A: SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE” Other lines (labeled B, C etc.)Follow as needed. The appendices proper are then each labeled as “APPENDIX A” (centered) followed after a skip line by the title centered and capitalized. Appendix pages should be numbered as continuation of the text. Relevant Source Code Evaluation Tool Sample Input/Output/Reports User’s Guide Other Relevant Documents Grammarian’s Certification Curriculum Vitae GLOSSARY (initial for IT43/L and final for IT46 - CAPSTONE PROJECT) This section defines all terms, concepts, symbols and acronyms used in the documentation. Define the terms operationally, that is, define them according to the precise meanings they are intended to convey all throughout your documentation.
Prepared by: RMF & AYCM Software Engineering
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