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What Leaders Really Do by Kotter

Part 1

Homework Questions

The article What Leaders Really Do by Kotter can be found on D2L.

Question 1
Please read the introduction (pg. 3-4). Please note that I am asking you to work on your comprehension and critical thinking skills. Thus, in order to complete the table below I am (1) asking you to read the whole introduction and (2) interpret (think about-reflect on) what you read. Please complete the chart below by describing two important points or claims that the author is making.

Your Description
Claim/Point 1

Leadership and management are two different things. Management is how you direct your business with production and other arenas and leadership is how you lead your company to success. Claim/Point 2

The main focus of building a great business, is to try and cope leadership and management together. Bringing those close together can help a business grow and succeed.

Question 2
Please read the section titled The Difference Between Management and Leadership (pg. 4-5). Then please complete the following chart by answering the following questions:


Your Answer
According to the author, what is management?

Its about coping with complexity. It practices and procedures are largely a response to one of the most significant developments of the twentieth century. Why is management necessary or important?

Management develops the capacity to achieve its plan by organizing and staffing creating an organizational structure and set of jobs for accomplishing plan requirements. According to the author, what is leadership?

Is about coping with change.
Why is leadership important?

Because the business world has become more competitive and more volatile, causing more need. In the fourth paragraph (after the military example), the author describes how leadership and management are similar. So, how are they similar?

They are similar, in that there really isn’t a...
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