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PNPA Plebe Knowledges
What is cadetship? Cadet ship is a grim struggle of winning supremacy over oneself.

What is a parrot?Of all the queer birds i ever did see, the parrot is the one that has no secrecy. He talks to much about his life in the hut, that is why one day he was finally shot, so that a cadet without secrecy and discipline will someday meet the parrots end.

What is an upperclassman? An upperclassman is a simple handshake of recognition that gives him a title of an immaculate. He is a fully developed animal that has gone through the dim world of plebe hood. After asking the question, what is the reason of all the sufferings under his superiors? He has endured pain, gave sweat, and came near the end of his temperament.

Now, he is the king of all kings, the master of all things, the roaring thunder of the Corps. He has the strength of a bull and the growling voice of the lion, the fury of a tiger, the cruelty of the beast and the penetrating stare of an eagle that scrutinizes even the slightest error of a dumb guard. But these are the mere roles they have to play in the analysis of their real character, an upperclassman is a good brother, a best friend and a refined individual who will soon become an officer and an a gentleman

What is a combat Shoes? A combat shoe is but a rear extension wrapped around my foot that adds discomfort while doing the duck walk sir!

Hows your wife? My wife is the simplest and the most beautiful to live with but the most complex to understand. My wife, Sir, needs constant love and care. Every day, I have to wipe her face, her breast, her body and everything below her. Often sir, I have to undress and dissect her into parts in order to ensure everything is spic and span. That is my wife sir, my wife is Cal. 5.56, Cal 7.62, Cal 45 and Cal. 38 Sir!

What is a Kiss? A kiss when all is said what is a kiss? It is an oath of allegiance taken at a close proximity, a promise more precise a seal upon confession, a rose read upon a letter " I " in loving of an instant eternity, murmuring like a bee, a balmy communion with a flavor of a flower, a secret which elects the mouth from the ear of position or inhaling each others heart and tasting the brink of each others lips. That is a kiss sir!

What is a coffe? A coffee is from a little branch of a humble tree that comes from a reddish bristle, shape like a heart, dried under the radiating heat of the sun on the month of May Sir!

What is a Mess Hall? A mess hall is the only first class restaurant in town Sir!

What is a Rose? Legend has it that a rose grow thorn at the same time with Venus, the goddess of sea and jealous earth we broth forth our fairest creation. Looking at the beticali and birth of Venus, see the rose around. Rose is romance rearrange its letters and it reads Eros, the goddess of love.

Hows the animal? The animal at this stage is still lost and needs more guidance from his upperclassman. But if given a few more days of a week of rapid growth and development, the animal will turn into a pony Sir!

How long is eternity? If it takes a bird from outer space traveling at the speed of a turtle and taking its time, picks a grain of sand from the earth and brings it back to the place where it came from then deposits it there and repeats the process once in a million years taking all the minute grain of sand from the earth and depositing it to the banks of galaxies of heaven and bringing them back to their proper places, eternity has just began.

I hope the lazy dumb guard will travel forth and by chinning in double timing will come shorter than the beginning of eternity sir!
What is a buckle? A buckle is a piece of metal that is placed on my forehead which adds discomfort while eating at the mess hall sir!

How the weather? The cold weather breeze from the majestic Laguna de Bay rolling continuously unto the enchanted slopes of Mt. Makiling as it breathes the last dew...
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