Cache Level 3 Health and Safety

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Level 3
Health and safety
Support children and young people’s health and safety CYP Core 3.4 Promote the welfare and well being in the early years EYMP 3

Task 1
1. Question: Add the legislation chart that you completed in class CYP 3.4 AC 1.3, 1.4, EYMP 3 AC 1.1, 1.2
See attached – Pages 10 & 15
2. Question: Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management CYP 3.4 AC 3.1 Children and young people need a safe and challenging environment. Most human activity involves a certain degree of risk. Children and young people need to learn how to cope with this. It is important they understand that the world can be a dangerous place and that care needs to be taken when they are negotiating their way round it.

Children and young people who are sheltered or over protected from risk and challenge will not be able to make judgements about their own strengths and skills. If you have a totally risk-free environment this will lack challenges and stimulation, this will lead to children becoming bored and behaving increasingly inappropriately. Being told about possible dangers is not enough, children and young people need to see or experience the consequences of not taking care.

An important aspect of teaching children and young people about risk is to encourage them to make their own risk assessment and think about the possible consequences of their actions. Adults should teach the child about using objects and equipment safely rather then removing it. It is important that we strike the right balance, protecting children and young people from harm while allowing them freedom to develop independence and not awareness.

3. Question: Explain the dilemma between the rights and choices of children and young people and the health and safety requirements CYP 3.4 AC 3.2 In the UK the Children Act (1989) came into effect in October 1991. It included recommendations on how children should be cared for and protected and laid down that children have the rights and should be treated with respect. There was a large change in emphasis over the role of parents – Parents were to have responsibility for their children rather than rights over them. Practitioners need to find the balance in the need for safety against the need for children and young people to explore risks. Children and young people need to explore their own levels of risk-taking. This should be done in a safe environment with qualified first aid personnel at hand should accidents arise. If we do not enable children and young people to take risks, then they will seek them out when adults are not around. Task 2

Write a personal statement or ask your colleague to explain how you have dealt with the following situations in the above witness discussion: a. An accident to a child or young person – See attached – Page 16 & 17 b. A child or young person who became ill at the setting CYP 3.4 AC 4.2 See attached – Page 18 & 19

Task 3
1. Write a personal statement explaining how you have supported children or young people to assess and manage risk for them self. CYP 3.4 AC 3.3, EYMP 3 2.1
See attached – Page 20 & 21

Task 4
1. Question Explain how you promote children’s health and wellbeing in your setting. EYMP 3 AC 3.1

At HWPAG we maintain the highest possible security of our premises to ensure that each child is safely cared for during their time with us.

We have a check list that is checked every morning, the room temperature is checked, the fridge temperature, that all the plug sockets are covered, alarm is set on the door, that the room is safe and the outside area is safe for the children.

We have a strict policy on receiving children into the setting and also ensuring safety on departure. We follow the guidelines for staff ratio’s and make sure we always have a supervisor on the premises. All of our staff are First Aid Qualified.

We follow the six...
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